Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Grow Up!

You live with your mum, you spend your money taking ladies to the fancy restaurants and go on boat trips. What you need to do Dude is grow up!

Your wife pays the bills at home and you spend the money you make taking other women out drinking, weeding and smoking! You need to grow up!

As a lady you live with your sugar daddy and service his needs and say no one really loves you. Darling, Grow up!

You spend all of your salary in the first seven days of the month and you blame your employer. What you need to do is grow up!

You buy expensive designer bags and shoes every month when all you earn is 50,000.00. You need to grow up Ma'am!

Your girlfriend dumps you because she thinks you act like a baby. You  spend all your money on purchasing the latest cars and mortgage your income for the next five years. And she says

You eat Red velvet Cake for breakfast, eat Chicken & Chips for lunch, drink 10 bottles of Coke a day and you complain you are overweight. Eeeeeeeerrrmm (Grow up!)
You have been paying rent for the last 10 years and you have absolutely no plans to own a home either out rightly or by mortgage. Grow up!
You say there is no God and that you are atheist. Ha ha ha. We all know it is because you do not want to be accountable to anything or anyone. The very thought gives you nightmares. Grow up darling!
You work in an establishment and all you do is snitch about your colleagues to the boss while you do eye service. You really should grow up!
You invest alot but have no details about your investment. You just sign cheques and never ask questions. Ha, grow up oh.
You are such a bitch to men and you wonder why they have not asked your hand in marriage. My darling, grow up!

You are 40 years old now, and you behave the same way you did when you were 20 years old and 30 years old. Na to grow up oh

Lastly, you see me and you don't think I am beautiful. It is beef. Grow up joor
Or yet still, don't grow up, just learn modify your behaviour in public.