Thursday, 25 April 2013

Fuji Musixc (Yes, I can see how it is spelt)

I just took this mad ass injection that is making me all wobbly. Please bear with me, but I am determined to write today...

I have always been a lover of Fuji music, yes. you better believe. First because it is ruggedly different and it was music generally associated with isale-eko peeps plus the fact that most of the Fuji musicians do the 'nasal' singing, which I find really weird & interesting.

But then I am particularly impressed by Tosin Martin's Fuji Rendition of 'Made in Nigeria.

So here I am listening to the song that makes tons of sense and writing this post I am sure will resonate home with my patriotic Nigerians around the world.

This post is a reminder that despite the many problems that rake this country. There is so much that we are as a people. We are Resilient. We are strong. Our minds cannot be broken. So for those of you who have not heard this song, please go listen to it.
Tush or not. Fly or not. Got swag or not. You will be proud.

Because of our tomorrow, let us work together to make this nation habitable for we we and our children.
So here I am smiling @ awon temi ni razzo ni mi, @ emi o ni fi owo osi juwe le baba mi. (take that my yoruba teacher)
So me. Yes me. I am made in Nigeria (through and through)
Wole omo Soyinka, made in Nigeria.
Emegwali professor mi, made in Nigeria.
Abimbola omo Ojenike, made in Nigeria
Atibi omo Dan Jumbo, made in Nigeria
Babatunde omo Irukera, made in Nigeria
So drop a line (a continuation, if you will) that you are Nigerian and proud!


  1. Oluwaseun omo Olosunde; made in Naija(Reuben Abati take that)

  2. Oladapo omo Popoola, baba made in Nigeeeriaa!!!**Doing the pasuma squat-azonto dance**

  3. lol @ Lucas & Dapo. Yes oh. I can feel your pride all the way down here.

  4. Abisoye omo Alarape Busari made in Ibadan repping Naija!!!