Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Fast Food Joints are selling more than food...Diseases are an unasked topping!

There is a such a high level of mediocrity in Nigeria. Everything goes. We don't question our leaders, we don't question things around us. We don't risk limb or life to question anyone. We do not care. We are content with the simple. Many times, we act simple-minded!
The health sector is a mess, hospitals kill patients in the name of misdiagnosis, the police kill strangers in the name of 'stray bullets'. No one calls any one to order!
My focal point today is on Eateries. The new corporation that makes money off our eating abilities. Many of these establishments have poor customer service. To crown it, they now have the ability to infest you with some disease as reward for buying food from them.
A case in point is the 'Simply Delicious' Eatery in Ajah. I was on my way out when I felt the urge to take a quick drink and use the restroom. I decided to use the restroom first then buy my drink and be on my way out. I went in and saw a toilet so dirty I almost puked. I daresay, I ran out not purchasing the drink or using the restroom.
This eatery was selling more than food, infection was an unasked topping!
And guess what? If I had complained no one would have taken it seriously.Yet they have a huge establishment brandishing the fact that they sell good food. eeeeeeeewwww, with this restroom, I am convinced they use no proper sanitary measures when cooking!

Restroom at Simply Delicious
I could not resist taking a picture of this embarassing Restroom. They make money of Nigerians, the least they can do is provide some comfort for anyone who wishes to relieve him/herself.
As if that was not enough, an article on Nairaland about a guy who saw a rat in his meal at one of the fast food joints was brought to my attention. I just gave up! Look at the picture yourself!
(Picture Credit:Nairaland)
I have nothing against Eateries, infact everyone will testify I'd rather eat out than cook (and no, it is not a dysfunctional habit, it is just who I am). But visions such as this will urge me to use my kitchen a lot more than I do.
These situations are not isolated incidents, poor sanitary methods are becoming rampant in Fast food Joints in Nigeria, I mean I have witnessed a huge rat jump from food tray to food tray in the Shoprite food court.
So if anyone has information on who to call to clean the increasing risk the eateries in Lagos are causing, please post on here and let us start a change. Enough talking and chatting. It is time for a change!


  1. Na wah o! Even the rat as fried as he looks is still hugging the potatoe chip! So glad I was not the one eating that food! On a more serious note we need to do something fast! This is really dangerous!

  2. Really dangerous my dear. Just heard that NAFDAC has a food control unit. Will see about getting someone to pay attention to these fast food joints. They seem to be a infested trap.

  3. OMG!!! This is so gross, u can imagine taking a last bit of chicken in ur meal only to find out that its a cooked baby rat (Eeww). Apart from the health implications, the psychological trauma itself nko?
    Seriously, I hope the department in NAFDAC lives up to its responsibilties and bring culprits to book and fast too.

  4. Jeeeezzzz! These pictures are an eye sore! I bet there are worse incidents taking place daily that do not get reported. It's truly disheartening that anything goes in Nigeria. For starters, Lola, as you bring this to the attention of the Food Control Unit of NAFDAC, I hope something tangible is done. Of a truth, it is when responsible bodies truly live up to their responsibilities that more Nigerians will be encouraged to report incidents.