Friday, 26 April 2013

Chris said...

I met an old friend of mine today in court this morning. And while we were waiting for the judge to come out from her chambers where I imagine she was preening (I beg your pardon, writing a well considered Ruling). He & I set out to catch up.

One conversation led to another and we began discussing vehicles and the ish.

He then narrated to me about an auto accident he was involved in.

He said something went wrong with his vehicle and before he knew it, he had crashed into a wooden stall. He said there was a huge commotion after the accident hat he just got down and went to stand a good distance from where the accident happened.
He said it was a matter of minutes and our agberos ran to the vehicle and helped themselves to what they could find. His laptop, his phones, his Ipad and even his $2000 leather court bag.
Wow, I thought. Are you kidding me? Instead of helping at the scene of an accident, they just rushed to help themselves to the 'God-given bounty' just begging to be taken. (Please note my sarcastic tone)
I just sat there shocked at what our society has caused men to become. Men who were once boys. Men who were once innocent.
I just replayed and replayed the story in my mind till I did a double take and asked "Chris why did you leave your vehicle after the accident in the first place? "
He just told me simply "I thought I killed someone"
"Are you kidding me? You thought you killed someone and your first reaction was to hide?" I asked bewildered.
He just replied it is wrong but I know the society where I live, if I had killed someone I may have been lynched before I got the chance to explain myself.
It is all shades of wrong. It reeks of a rot in moral values & integrity.
Whatever the adjective or adverb, it is the true reflection of our society.
The rich do wrong, the poor do wrong. Is there any hope?
I know.
Let us clone good people and wipe out the rest.
Just through my eyes, you don't have to agree.


  1. it so sad this where we are right now in our 'God' giving country.