Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Who runs the world??? (In Beyonce's voice)

China and not girls!  (Well maybe both of them, let not men twist my ankle)
As a people and a country, China has transformed as people once known as Kung Fu fighters and sweat shops workers to inventors, 'dubist' etc. They are steadily controlling the economic power of the world. Most things we use today; the Ipad, the phone, underwear, clothes, shoes are made in China.
The People's Republic of China known as 'China' is radically different from the Republic of China 'Taiwan'. The PRC which we know as China is a Socialist State, even though political students largely record it as a Socialist state with Chinese characteristics.
China is made up of 22 provinces, 5 Autonomous Regions, 4 Muncipalities. As at 2013, it is the world 2nd largest economy by both nominal total GDP & Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). In addition, it has the largest standing army in the world.
Critics, Economist & Politicians say it is a potential superpower.
They have developed education with emphasis on Science, Maths and Engineering. They are Information Technology savvy as statistics show that they have the largest number of active cell phones in the world.
So how are they running the world?
Look around you, the Chinese people are everywhere. They don't hide behind the bullet proof vehicles or act snobbish like the American people (Ooooops I said that aloud, didn't I?). They take the same bus you do, buy from the same market you do. They learn your culture and use it to relate with you( I speak from experience)
I have had reason to believe that Nigeria especially Lagos is selling off our state piece by piece to the Chinese. There is little or nothing they are not involved in. Most of the goods sold in Balogun market come from China. The Chinese are laying the tracks for one of the Light Rail phases in Lagos State. They are heavily invested in the Eko Atlantic City, they own infrastructure companies, Telecom companies etc.
But Nigeria, we sit and squander money. Our leaders think buying the newest car, House or Jet will make the hole in their hearts disappear. They have steadily mortgaged our land and our future to Foreigners. Check it out (They live in the good homes, yea, those apartments in Ikoyi that run in thousands of dollars,) while China supports its citizens financially to infiltrate other countries and gain economic strength. 
So while we wait for other nations like America's Joel Brinkley to tell us to impeach our obvious money embezzling president, China 'codedly' puts plans in place to run the world.
Y'all better go and learn Chinese so you won't be sold under the new world Order.
It is just through my eyes.