Friday, 1 March 2013

Tobechi Onwuhara; I say Genius, you say Criminal!

I re-visit this matter because well, I can!

Jokes aside, there are many people with genius abilities in Nigeria and the irony is crime reveals the depth of Nigerian intelligence most times.

I am sure y'all have heard the story of Tobechi and if you have not. Let me do a quick rehash.

Tobe is the son of Doris (importer, exporter) & Katherine (a lawyer and chairman of the board orf education in Abia State. Tobe was born in America but was brought back to Nigeria to attend a catholic school at some point because he was in the word of parents 'wayward'.

Tobe returned to America. Worked at some credit office, was arrested in 2003, served a 12-month sentence and during that time prepared for the biggest heist of his career.

 The property development boom in America provided him that platform. It launched Tobe into the intricate art of  cyberscamming.

He collected mortgage information online, used to find the names of certain people and gathered supposedly 'meaningless' details. He wove loose details floating on the web into a tapestry of information to use for scam purposes. ( At the time of writing this blog, My heart just keeps repeating over and over again Tobe is genuis).

But scamming was the only sphere he employed intelligence. He acted stupidly with spending money and didn't keep his crew happy. But then again, it is what it is.

A CNN writer described him as a visionary and a successful cyberscammer, and i cannot argue with that description at all.

I am not here to judge only to say that beneath all that scam and manipulation was and is the mind of a genius. This country didn't have what it took to direct and guide a mind like that. We still don't.

Tobe's mind was ours. It belonged to Nigeria. We don't have the apparatus to detect minds like that and in the few cases where we do. Our society cannot contain the reach of those minds.

So when you say Tobe is a cybercrimer, all I see is a Genius steered wrong.

(N.B, I am in no way condoning what he has done and the people he hurt by his actions, I am just looking at it from another angle)

And Hey; its the way i see's through my eyes.