Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The triumph of evil yet again-Harold Demuren

Yes. I believe the sack of Harold Demuren is the triumph of evil yet again.
Evil perpetuated by a senseless government.
Goodluck Jonathan ( I cannot bear to call him my president) shows yet again that he cannot be trusted with making fruitful decisions that affect Nigerians. (how can he when all the parts of his brain is geared towards how he can be re-elected)
Back to H.D. I join with those that know him to state that Harold Demuren is impressive. Read below and find out just how impressive he is.
Harold Demuren schooled in Moscow and MIT. According to Wikipedia he obtained a Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering (M.Sc.) in 1972 and then to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. for his Doctor of Science D.Sc. in Aircraft Gas Turbine & Jet Propulsion Engines (1975).

H.D (for the purposes of this post) was head hunted from the USA to join the Federal Ministry of Aviation Nigeria in 1976 as Senior Airworthiness Surveyor and rose to become Assistant Director, Airworthiness in June 1989. On the creation of the defunct Federal Civil Aviation Authority in 1990, he was appointed Deputy Director Air Transport, Economic Regulations and Licensing. He rose to become the Director Safety Services in 1991. In August 1995, He was "forced" into retirement because of his strict adherence to Safety after a Government "restructuring" exercise. (See where I am going with this?)

In retirement, he formed Afrijet Airlines, till he was appointed as the Director General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority. He became DG at a time when Nigerians had lost hope in the aviation sector especially after the Bellview Airlines flight 210 that killed all 117 people on board on October 22, 2005 and Sosoliso Airlines flight 1145 that killed 105 of 108 passengers, including 61 students from Loyola Jesuit College on December 10, 2005.

 When Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab  failed in his attempt as the "Christmas Day Bomber' , HD provided information quickly. The global community was astonished at the degree of detail and depth of the information provided by a so-called 3rd world country in contrast to its reputation for chaos and mediocrity. Interestingly, Schipol, Amsterdam Airport, Farouk's transit port, was unable to detect any irregularity during the security screening process.

On August 23, 2010, under the leadership of HD and the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, Nigeria attained American Federal Aviation Administration International Aviation Safety Assessment (FAA IASA) Category One Certification. This allows direct flights from Nigeria to Continental United States (USA). Prior to his appointment in 2005, there were no direct flights between Nigeria and USA. There are now several direct flights between Nigeria and U.S. destinations including Atlanta, New York and Washington D.C., with services to Houston to begin in November 2011.
In 2011, he led the investigation into British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airline on anti-competitive pricing and anti-consumer activities. He was of the opinion that they abused Dominance. His investigation forced them to introduce same pricing equilibrium. In addition, he forced the fare between Ghana-UK route to par with the Nigeria-UK route.

Now he has been sacked because they say he refused to satisfactorily conduct the DANA case. I daresay, he did it a little too well. He was not going to bow to shifty ideals and results. And even though his tenure as DG statutorily ended last year february, I say this man refused to make his part of the Aviation sector a funnel for funds to hungry, sticky, illiterate, whore mongering Senators.
How do you justify taking out the one person in a hundred who actually cares about Nigerians?
I am waiting to see who they will appoint this time.
It is through my eyes and you cannot shut down my voice.