Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Police; State security or Guns for Hire!

All that I am about to say, you have observed but you just never paid full attention!

1. The police provides security services for only the wealthy.

Case in point.
- The Managing Director of your bank moves around with 'escorts'.
I wonder though if state security is supposed to provide escort services to private individuals?
- The Oba of your village moves around with the same escorts.
***when do they have time to do their primary job of protecting the citizens?

2. The mobile police beat you or your vehicle to get out of the road when a 'dignitary' is in town. Because well, let's face it, who are you? You are just an ordinary citizen who pays taxes that fund the institution called the 'police'. (But they have general amnesia.)

3. They provide services to protect bullion vans.

4. To conduct an investigation into a crime that happened to you, the police expect you to fuel their vehicles and pay for phone credits. It explains why people generally keep their problems to themselves instead of reporting to the police. I know I do.

Please oh, when exactly do they do the investigating? perform the arrests? Answer is NEVER!. If you don't have money, you cannot be protected by the Nigerian Police.

As a lawyer, I have had to get people out of jail severally. And I can tell you for a fact that you must spend money. You spend money to see your client in jail, you spend money to buy paper for him to write his statement, you spend money to see that he gets preferential treatment and the list is endless.

It is just a horrible situation.

So if you think you have a state police, I disagree. They are just guns for hire.

Watch out for a detailed version of this piece in the future...

Always remember though that it is through my eyes.