Thursday, 7 March 2013

The cost of the seat!

Dear Kola/Chinedu/Afeez, (and y'all that know I am talking to you)
What is the cost of the seat you are sitting on?
Are you so afraid of taking risks that you have decided to sit down on a seat that is making you miserable?
Have you convinced yourself that you have greater value on your current seat than elsewhere?
Do you say I have bills to pay so I cannot leave my present seat for another?
What really is the cost of your sitting down and moping? Would you rather be doing something else, like analysing behaivour, sports, fashion, spying?
What have you thrown away to maintain that seat that is causing you so much unhappiness?
Are you a business man who should be working in a structured organization ? (well, because you know you are not disciplined)
Are you a journalist who should be a TV host but is waiting for a big loud voice from heaven to 'ginger' you ? (bros, you go wait tire)
Are you a lawyer who should be a fashion designer ? (ask Jewel by Lisa, she transitioned)
For men, it might be more difficult because well, you have all these responsibilities and dependents. consider what Bill Gates would have been if he had chosen the Harvard seat of college over dropping out and focusing his ability on a product?
Is what you are doing a means to an end? Or is it a indication that you have given up on your passionate dreams?
Its a question I ask myself.
It is a question we should all ask.
For me, I can only hope that the cost of this seat would not be expensive.
What truly is the cost of your seat?

N.B I first heard this phrase from my boss Ikem. I doubt that he even knows that I blog about him (lets keep it a secret, shall we?)


  1. Are you a lawyer who should be a blogger? lol