Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Smiling- a blessing or a chore

I have heard a story of a man who wanted to commit suicide but decided to go to church on sunday before doing it. As he was getting to church, Pastor Bimbo Odukoya stepped down from a vehicle and smiled at him. There and then he decided, there was still something to live for!

That is the power of a smile.

How often do you smile?

You may say Ibilola, you have no idea all that I am going through, ""I am in debt, I don't have a job, I am treated worse than a fool by my family, I am in pain, I cannot pay my hospital bills, I am depressed. I can't pay my rent, I cannot even pay my transport fare, my shoes are worn out and so on and so forth.''''

And to be honest, none of this things can cause a smile. But I will tell you this, smiles don't cost anything. All you need do is to flex the muscles near both ends of the mouth and throughout the mouth.

Like this

                                                                        Aderonke Adebanjo

Smiles transcend cultures, race and religion. It is a means of communication all over the world.

I have been to places where girls/women feel threatened by me for some reason, but I make it a point of duty to smile. The smile immediately gets them to drop their attitudes and see that I am not there to compete. (Y'all know this is true)

 I have heard people say you use less muscles to smile and I probably should research that but one thing I do know is that a smile makes you beautiful. It makes you look younger and in the words of the Bible, 'a merry hear doeth the heart good like medicine'

                                                                Adedayo Adekanmbi & Stella

People think I love to smile but what many people don't know that I made that decision early in life to smile no matter what the circumstances where. Which is why when I cry, I am smiling the next minute.
                                                                             Ibilola Essien

It is amazing what a smile can do for you and to the next person.

So whenever you are happy, smile. When you feel blue, just smile!

                                                                 Kemi Animashaun-Oderinde

. Your smile must not be fake, It must never be the Pan-Am smile also known as the Botox smile. It must be genuine. It must be the Duchenne Smile. It is the smile

                                                                     Olatoyosi Onaolapo

                                                                     Ibilola Essien

                                                                      Osayi Aghatise

                                                                    Mrs. Carter

A smile might just invite the right man to say hello to you. Smile at your colleagues, smile at your neighbours, smile at your spouse, smile at your parents, smile at your dates, smile at a stranger (make them feel  welcome to your country),

If you don't have anything to smile about. Smile just because.


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