Thursday, 7 March 2013

Road rage; A mad man's excuse?

Lagos is one of the places where you must have 'mad' skills as a driver. You must learn a combination of patience, madness and driving skills. If you do not, everyone is ready to take advantage of you on the road.
About six years ago, I was in mad traffic on the marina road leading to Victoria Island. As an experienced Lagos driver, I had mastered the art of swerving, turning, braking. And I was till learning on the job, the skills a master driver should have.

On this particular day there were two lanes on the Marina  road and those who were shaunting had no choice but to converge on the two legal lanes. I was on the legal lane at the point of convergence when a man in a benz tried to force his way in front my vehicle.
Like the driver I was, I swerved nicely, refusing his forced advances. (I was particularly irritated that he did not ask to get in front of me, infact he acted like it was his right) Next thing I knew a vehicle hit mine from behind. I looked through my rear view mirror and saw that it was the same man I had refused car passage.
Like the 'witch' I can be sometimes, I got down from my car, checked my bumper and returned to my vehicle without looking at him ( I wanted him to know he didn't matter).
I got back into my vehicle and waited for traffic to move.
Three minutes later, I noticed the same guy hit my vehicle again. (Apparently he had reversed in the little space he had in traffic to hit me hard.)
At this point, I was shocked beyond belief. I got down went to his car to ask if he was suffering from some sort of psychotic breakdown. He just looked at me and replied 'thats why you are not married'
I was mad but when he said that I started laughing. Please what is the correlation between him hitting my vehicle and my not being married?
Traffic soon moved after that and he sped away.
I won't post what I did to return his 'favour'.
But if it were you, what would you do?
His actions were just a mad man's excuse to take out his frustrations on an innocent young lady. (And those of you that are laughing that I am not innocent, God is watching you on 3D)
Have a good evening!


  1. Hehehehehehe I would probably have reversed!