Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Laugh all you want! You and I are part of the rot.

Yes, let us take a minute and laugh.


Let us proceed then.

When I saw this video ( last friday, I laughed so hard I fell down.

After my series of laughter, I unplugged my computer and made it my morning chore to show everyone in the office the video of this unintelligent being. (Or so my snobbish myopic self thought)

And y'all know my office with its incredible system of critical thinking, set about analysing the content of the video. They analysed his uniform, the presenter who steeled herself from laughing, the orange chairs in the setting, the weird books that lined the shelves. The office was abuzz with laughter and commentary.

Same happened with the husband on saturday when we had a quiet moment with each other (safe from the hustle and bustle of Lagos life). He laughed so much that he momentarily stopped breathing, almost kicking me as he rolled to the ground (I think he replayed it like 10 times sef  eager to relieve how a grown man in this age and time could do that. He loves to laugh at weird stuff and this fit weird to a D (I'll deny if if you tell him) lol.)

I was irritated by the man, did he not know he was representing us? Haba!

But as I thought over and over on this matter, I realised that this man was a product of both the educational system and atmosphere in Nigeria. He was a product of a half baked system and a  government dedicated to stealing money (Jonathan) abusing power (Tinubu & Jonathan) and selling votes (National Assembly).

How many schools in Lagos much less Nigeria have good teachers? Uhn? Which atmosphere in Nigeria is condusive for critical thinking?

The state of schools shine forth in this man. The number of secondary and universities that collect bribe before a student is admitted to school is amazing (Believe it, parents bribe their ways into those schools now. It is really a cancer) I believe strongly that the educational system of Nigeria wil get better once you place a ban on the children of politicians schooling outside Nigeria Your system will change within a year.

We do not understand that we are competing with the world. The world laughs at us because we take our hard earned money to their countries to better their societies while ours is used to furnish wives, mistresses, bullet proof vehicles (Akpabio), larger than life weddings etc.

In 1980, Mr. Shem was the leader of tommorrow. What did his teachers and country teach him? How did they develop his intellect then?

I can bet my life on the fact that Mr. Shem instructs cadets and teaches in some way the next generation. He has taught the next generation. (Yet the law of reproduction says you cannot give more than you have)

I have read so many articles about how Nigeria will not make it, how we are doomed, how we are finished. And I just laughed.

Truth is the government is not going to rescue us. The fate of Nigeria lies in your hands and mine. While you sit and laugh, some people are acting! One of my bosses uses his lunch hour on wednesday to teach a class of kids at the Victoria Island primary School. (You live for the latest fashion and wait for when you will be pictured on bellanaija as a stylish lady, you go wait tire!)

Are you still laughing?

What do you do? What have you done? It is not enough to go for some Charity event once in a while. What are you doing in your own little way to help Nigeria (oh I know, you report bad news and you think it will get you the much needed popularity? abi?) Get off your high horse, stop laughing and do something!

Obafaiye Shem might have created something to laugh about today, tommorrow it might be your uncle, your daughter, your spouse or someone incredibly close to you.
He is just a product of the system.

Stop laughing and do something!
As an aside, there is a silent competition going on. It is silent because only I know the parameters for judging. Look out for the winner on the 1st of May, 2013. (Then the parameters will be revealed|) hehe


  1. I disagree. We have many intelligent people in Nigeria. Every society has mediocre to dull to incredibly stupid people. Our problem is that we put the incredibly stupid people in charge of things. Why? Because the intelligent people sit back and allow incredibly stupid people rig elections and come into power giving them the opportunity to hire incredibly stupid people as well,

  2. d pics r crazy!!! ur questions,I need to ask my oga at the top LMAO.
    Seriously though,I agree to the fact that a ban needs to be placed on the children of politicians schooling outside Nigeria but who will take up the challenge?! Most importantly, we as individuals should do something to help no matter how all, at all na im bad pass (winks).