Friday, 8 March 2013

Kai! We like amebo sha. (including me)


I started this blog with the intent of developing a social conscience in the minds of Nigerians. I  desperately wanted to bring to fore the issues some of us may never have heard about so that we can develop critical thinking and push us out in one voice against wrong behaviour.

So I re-activated a blog, I had started last year to show the level of commitment I had towards Nigeria.
And we all know how blogs work, you can view the number of times a post has been viewed. So using this information as raw data, it was easy to see that all my social conscience posts on 'agberos', how lagos is not working and the others have not been viewed as much as the posts that discussed people. Ha! The gbeborun generation (Pointing ten fingers at myself too, love fashion and good gossip)

Anyhoo ha, please let us read the social conscience posts oh, so we can learn more about our country.

These long red nails I fixed is slowing down my thoughts. Typical me, shakara over practicality. Lord Help!

Hope y'all are getting ready for a bawling weekend. Because I am. (winking)