Thursday, 14 March 2013

Jonathan has instituted a committee to find out the official website of NSCDC! Say What?

The fact that you opened this post means that you are one of the people that believe that our leaders are daft. (Don't lie. You know you are thinking it.)

First off, it is not true! It is the conjecture of Seun Lawal(my weird besto).

But it is not beyond what they can do.

Doyin Okupe may sometime this week decide to use his 'powerful' office (that you and I pay for) to speak about a committie to investigate the website of NSCDC.

The line of their 'gongonsu' is not overrated. I mean they paid someone 2 million naira in 2011/2012 to open a facebook account for the federal government (Investigate, I ain't lying)

But about setting a committe to find the website of NSCDC, it is not true. (For now at least)

It is through my eyes oh, I don't want anybody tracking me down.