Monday, 11 March 2013

Introducing; the offensive smell called...

Dude, please put down your armpit! ( I screamed from the back of my mind to the front of my mind). I could't shout it out. He was a friend and if I said anything, I was going to bruise his ego. (eeeeeeeewwww in multiples)

This is the situation many of us find ourselves in. That awkward moment when you are confronted with an unpleasant odour from a friend, a colleague, a spouse. (And even though the odour assails your nose, you keep your teeth from grinding together the words 'you smell' because well you cherish the person and you don't want him/her to feel bad.)

Real quick, let me explain that Odour is generally that offensive smell that comes from the armpit, genital area and the mouth.
Wikipedia says ; ''the human body odor is primarily the result of the apocrine sweat glands, which secrete the majority of chemical compounds needed for the skin flora to metabolize it into odorant substances.[1] This happens mostly in the axillary (armpit) region, although the gland can also be found in the areola, anogenital region, and around the navel.[2] In humans the armpit regions seem more important than the genital region for body odor which may be related to human bipedalism. The genital and armpit regions also contain springy hairs which help diffuse body odors''
So what do you do when someone around you has an offensive odour (mouth, armpit or genital? )You help!
The degree of closeness to a person may impede how he may perceive the help.
When I was tomboyish, my brother called me and told me I had an offensive smell whenever we rode home together after work. I won't bother denying that I was upset. But after a few days I rationalized that  my close friends did not tell me but my brother whom I hung out with had the audacity too. 
About the same time my boyfriend (now my husband) told me too about my body odour after like two months after dating. He even made it worse by going out to buy me some perfume and Sure spray) I prayed for the earth to swallow me. ( I mean this was a guy I had just met that I probably did shakara for now telling me I get the funky smell now and then. I just wanted to die.) I argued that I used the spray every morning and some perfume and he argued right back that 'I jumped from place to place all day and did not 'respray' so I would definately develop a funky smell by evening. 
I have since adjusted and done the same for one or two of my colleagues. People may retreat from you when you tell them they 'smell' but they will be eternally grateful that you took made the effort so that they may be perceived 'smellable' by the world.
For the one who has mouth odour, buy lots of mint sweets/gum and offer to the person regularly. It is a much better effort than sitting somewhere to gossip.
And as for the genital area, I would suppose the spouse will google and find what will solve the problem.
So if you have someone in your vicinity today who is generating all sorts of funky smell. Go out and buy some Sure Spray/mint gum, call them to a corner and explain how offensive their smell is and your desire to help them.
You will have made a true friend. You better believe it.