Thursday, 21 March 2013

I see dumb people

Everywhere I go these days, I see dumb people.

The lady who walks around in uncomfortable 6inches shoes for a job that involves a lot of walking around.

The lady that wears clothes that do not flatter her body type.

The man that knows his fiance is nothing but a gold digging chic.

The lady that spends all day shouting at her husband like a bush market woman.

The man that says there is no God!

The guy that spends half of his salary drinking alcohol and then complains that Nigeria is terrible and that is why his life is not moving on.

The lady that sleeps around and wonders why no one who love her for who she is.

The employee that insists that his employer is unfair when he spends half of his worktime on Facebook.

The person that is envious of his friends progress but spends all the time at the movies, at clubs and when he has a moment, he sleeps all day.

The person that does not use his talent in anyway to make money.

The parents that complain that their children are so lazy when all they do is sit and watch home videos. Who exactly are they supposed to emulate?

The woman that won't take care of her body and complains that her husband is cheating.

The man that won't provide for his family and complains to anyone who will hear that his wife is disrespectful.

The new graduate that is totally relying on an uncle to get him a job.

Like I say, it is through my eyes. Now I am 'picking race' before I get slapped. lol.


  1. Like the person who doesn't go out there and make things happen rather than sit back, dwell and hope on the lip service his pastor/alfa is paying to God on his behalf.

    1. You are so on point Dapo. Most Nigerians are specialists on chanting mantra's like 'This is my year of promotion' etc.