Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I am woman; And I want more!

Aunty Peju asked me 'Do you think a woman can have everything? Can she be a wife, a mother, have a career, be industrious? I answered of course, how hard can it be? (I was nineteen at the time and I had lofty dreams of how powerful a woman I wanted to be, I even said then that I would buy the Zenith Bank from Jim Ovia. I mean come on, all I had to do was have the type of money he cannot refuse) I mean, I read books, I developed my mind, I was ready for whatever the world could bring on. (or so I thought)

Over 10 years later, I have a different answer to that question. The truth is I no longer know if I can  have everything. The woman I have become is struggling with how to be a woman, a daughter, a wife and still want more from life.

So here I am, complaining about how I cannot balance all that I do but I still want more. Yes. I want more. (I want to own a jewellry store, I want to build houses, I want to own a relaxation resort, I want to own a radio station and the list is endless)

I know you are like me. You want more. You want to effect change. You want to affect lives. You are bored. You want to do more. But the million dollar question is how?

I am not going to answer how exactly.

But you can take inspiration from women such as Carol Bartz (CEO, Yahoo), Myra Bradwell (The woman who started the Chicago Legal Newspaper because she was not accepted into the Illinois State Bar), Benazir Bhutto, Coco Chanel, Helen Keller. The list is endless.

I am going to suggest that you are the only one who can push you to your goal. Create a goal, create a means to achieve that goal, then reach for it.

For means, you can
                 1. make jewellry (learn if that is where your interest lies)
                 2. rent designer dresses and accessories (if you are one of those people that are popular)
                 3. be an estate agent (show and sell or rent property and flats)
                 4. start a food business from your kitchen
                 5. help people organize their closets
                 6. help people manage their personal finances (if you have a reputation with good spending
                 7. Create an exercise group (for those of you that have great bodies)
                 8. Develop apps if you are so inclined
                 9. Bake
               10. Write, Sing, study. Do everything you can to improve your self.

Get off your backside, stop chanting mantras they say to you in church, stop agonizing over what your spouse didn't do. Just reach for more. It is within your grasp.

Remember to define success in your own terms, get values, trust your instincts, nurture the midas touch, build support networks and most importantly, invest in yourself.

Remember God can only bless the works of your hands.

Do something today!