Monday, 4 March 2013

Free Ride almost cost me my life

On the 7th of September, I entered an SUV with a man and a woman (dressed like they were coming back from work) at the law school busstop. (Yea, free ride, don't be so smug). I give free rides too and I didn't see anything wrong with it.

The occupants asked if I was going to Ajah and I replied that I was.

In the course of our journey the male driver opted to use the alternative road (Which is the road in Oniru Estate that leads to the 2nd roundabout). And at the point of turning into Oniru estate, he apologized that he needed to pick something and instead turned into the Muri Okunola Street and parked in front of the Local government area (the NYSC secretariat there). When he parked, he told me he had a problem, that he needed to do something but was not sure.  He then told me in a soft voice that I had entered ''one chance'' and that if I tried to get down, there was someone behind me who would snap my neck. (snap my neck? all my thought was there was someone on the road who would attack me if i tried to get down). This was when I felt the cold of a cutlass by my neck. Then I realised the danger was hiding in the trunk of the SUV (because there was no panel shielding the trunk from the back seats)

Confusion, alarm and fear ran through my body simultaenously. I was in shock. Of all the bad scenarios I had ever imagined and prepared for in my life, none prepared me for this.

Next thing, the driver began to fire questions at me. He asked if I was a christian, he asked which church I attended, he also asked how long I had attended my church, he asked if I was married, asked if I had children, asked how old I was. (I think this was line of questioning supposed to help determine whether I was worth the risk).

I believe in Jesus Christ and his power to deliver and I believe that God Almighty gave me calmness and peace (I didn't understand) to answer the questions of this 'mad' man. I couldn't pray, I couldn't shout but I had a strong feeling I was not going to die in the hands of these men.

He took my laptop, took my debit cards, my brand new shoes in a carrier bag and my Louis Vuitton handbag my mum bought for me.

After this he fired up the engine and started driving round Victoria Island. He asked me to close my eyes and keep them closed if I wanted to live.

The man in the trunk with the blade became agitated, this caused the man driving confusion that he started shouting 'we no fit use am'.

Suddenly, they pulled up at a dark spot, handed me back my handbag and told me to go, this was about 11;30pm. I got down and said God bless you (God bless you?) It was all that came out from my mouth.

When I got down, I started shaking and crying, I walked to a place where i could find light and it turned out to be the Finbank headquarters on barbeach road. I was distraught. Despite my fear of almost getting killed. I felt great sadness for the mother that bore those children. (Children who they rejoiced over at their birth had become instruments of death).

Anyway, I walked up to three men who were gisting in front of the bank and asked to use their phones to call my husband but it turned out he was still on air. One of them then offered to carry me home but I declined. I was not going to enter a stranger's vehicle ever again.

The three men then paid a red cab to take me home. All I could pray was another girl would not die in my place that night, that God would cause these men to give up the trade and turn to him completely.

I got home that night and cried myself to sleep. I was wondering what I did to deserve that?
But even though by morning, I got clarity and thanked my God for keeping me from harm in the shadow of darkness, I didn't leave my bed the whole weekend. (I had enough drama)

That night created a fear in me, I pray daily to lose.

I pray you never experience any of this, I pray that you will daily experience His protection.

Pray for your children always,  be vigilant, be safe!


  1. God help us all not to ever fall into evil hands n never to find ourselves in d wrong places. Its well. Thank God for ur life! He has a great plan 4 u!

  2. Im very glad you are safe. Some people in this world act like there isnt a hereafter that they are acting in such inhumane ways. Pretending to help just to steal from you. OOh they will get their comeuppances!!

  3. The account of the experience still gives me shivers just like when I first heard it from you last year when it had just happened. Hmm, I cannot thank God for you enough.

  4. Dats serz,wow! Thank God 4 ur life