Monday, 4 March 2013

E>>>The guy with too much drama!

I met a man when I was in my 'dative' years. He is Ibo and according to him, all he wanted was for me to bear his child ( child ke?)

He repeatedly asked me out, offered to pick me up for events, came to my office twice, sent me lunch three times. He was the classic toaster. So I decided to get to know him, at least he was persistent (it was more that I could say for the other toasters who behaved like Nepa 'hot and cold').

I asked him to tell me his story and to tell the truth.

He told me the truth.

Here was his truth.

He had schooled in Germany and had met and married a German with whom he had an eleven year old daughter.They later divorced. He left Germany to do his MBA in America, where he met and fell in love to a chinese girl. He proposed to her but she declined. (SCARE 1)

He returned to Nigeria, met a Nigerian girl and within two weeks had gone to do the traditional marriage in her village. As at the time he was telling me this, she had borne him a son. He said he was unhappy because he found out she was boring. He confessed that he did not know her very well before he married her.(eeeeeerrrmmm, before nko?) (what did you think, she would bring gold thread from her mouth).lol (SCARE 2)

In addition to all this encumberances, he had a girlfriend who came to the house when his wife was out of the country to cook for him. (Multiple SCARES)

I looked at this guy in amazement and asked 'what did you say you wanted with me again?' It resonated in my brain that he might have even caught a disease. My brain, my mind, my focus begged me to flee.

I did. I fled.

 Abeg, the guy had too much drama going on. ||||||||Who in her right mind would date him?

So I raise my cup of water to every woman who fled a man with too much drama. You did good.

Have a pleasant evening!