Saturday, 2 March 2013

Emeka says living on the mainland won't cut it.

It was friday night and I was rolling home with my colleagues. We decided to stop by a popular mall to get some things for the weekend.

On our way out, one of my colleagues (Emeka), a corper sees a lovely looking young lady who he claims he went to law school with. They got chatting and this colleague/corper kept his 'bosses' in the vehicle awaiting his arrival. We didn't mind. We had started hassling him to settle down.

He came back shortly and we all jumped at the opportunity to tease and harass him. Next thing, my colleague/corper gets into the vehicle to announce that despite the minutes he spent chatting with the lady, he didn't bother to get the lady's phone number.

I stared at him in shock because we had all waited for juicy details but here he was disappointing us with unpleasant news. Mscheeeeeeeeeeewww.

In my typical 'ameboness' style, I pushed till he confided in me the reason why he didn't get her phone number. This was his response. 'She lives on the mainland'

Haba Emeka!

His reason was that they could not work out because he lives in VGC and she on the mainland so there was no way they could date.

I hear he echoes the thoughts of some men.

All I can say is na wa oh. I am sure you wouldn't want someone to disqualify you because of where you reside.

But then again, this is Lagos and ish happen!

Have a wonderful weekend y'all. Mwuah.


  1. Nahhh. If he really liked her, he won't have minded making the sacrifice. The truth is that he just wasn't that into her. Living on the mainland doesn't stip him from asking for her number since they are old acquaintances. Excuses. Mexcuses.

  2. I agree, if emeka really liked her, he wld hv gotten her number, even if she isn't based in lagos.