Monday, 11 March 2013

Doren Hospital misdiagnosed an ailment that could have killed me!

I struggled with whether to share this story and how much of it, I should.

I share so that you can look out and ask questions. You have just One Body. It can fail because some trained doctor did not bother to do proper investigative tests...

One saturday in July, I woke up in pain. I was feverish. I was tired. I could not explain what I was truly feeling. All I knew was I did not feel right.

I attributed it to the recent stress at work and was determined to rest the whole day despite the fact that saturdays are (cleaning and cooking days). Yes oh.

So I rested the whole of saturday confident that sunday would be better and I would be up and ready for work by monday.

Sunday dawned and I was feeling much better. By evening however, the fever had returned and I was in all shades of pain. Pain on my back but largely on my abdomen.

My husband decided to take me to Doren Specialist Hospital (his HMO hospital in Ajah). We got there and the doctor said she thought it might be Urinary Tract Infection or Acute appendicitis. Because of the pain they immediately placed me on IV and by the next morning, I had taken like 10. Subsequently they called the Chief Surgeon to take a look at me. He ordered that I do a scan on the 1st floor of their hospital to confirm his theory that it was acute appendicitis. I did the scan followed it with blood and urine tests.

Already, I was irritated with the quality of service in the hospital. The nurses were inefficient when they drew blood, my IV would run out for at least 30 minutes before the nurse would change it, blood would stain the sheets till I begged they be removed. I felt like I was in hell.

On seeing the result of my 'scan' the chief surgeon was convinced that I had acute appendicitis. At this point after seeing the wish washy attitude, I decided to google 'appendicitis'. My findings led me to ask the doctors if there were other ailments that may mirror the symptoms of appendicitis. One of them told me he was the doctor and what he said was the issue, was the issue. I shut my mouth (abi, it is law I read, I didn't read medicine).

Then came tuesday, the day prescribed for surgery. I was so upset. No one had come to explain anything ( I mean they were about to invade my body, the least they could do was give me detailed information of the procedure, I had a right to know. Didn't I?)

After I had nagged and screamed the hospital down, they eventually sent the anaesthetist to come and give me a 'detailed script' of how the surgery would go down. (Please pay attention to the 'detailed script', it is intended to be sarcastic, just in case the meaning is lost on you)

I went in. I did the surgery. I was bedhooked for 5days in the hospital and another 5 days at home.

The experience left a metallic taste in my mouth. What kind of hospital was that?

I resumed work in two weeks looking hot like fire and began to live life like nothing happened.

September came ( two months later). The pain resumed. Kai. What kind of wahala was this? Sebi they took out the acute appendicitis? (Guess my enemies were not happy. lol)

My sensitive and vigilant mum called. My dad said I should go to 'Mecure'. I did (they said I needed a doctor's referral). My mum insisted that I go see Aunty Mabel to take me to the Advanced Videoscopic and Laparascopy Center. Everyone was fretting. What was going on?

I went to see the physician at this new prescribed hospital. He examined me and told me he thought it was either a Liver disease or a condition known as Endometriosis.

He ordered me to go to a Consultancy and Investigative Center to do thorough tests like the ultra sound, CT Scan & Liver function test.

At the investigative center, they push liquid through my rectum for minutes, pump mixed 'liguids' through my arm. The result comes out. It shows clearly that Doren Specialist Hospital cut out my appendix for nothing.

I take it back to my physician. (Yes my doctor) who tells me to google the apparent issue and ask him questions. (See the difference between the doctor that got it right and the one that did not.)

I ask him all sorts of questions. He puts my mind at rest, gives me all the details necessary for a second necessary surgery.

I do the second surgery (a laparoscopy which shows that the appendix site was left in a way that could have messed up my intestines in a few months.) Phew. God is good.

I am not sharing this so that you can ooooh or aaah on my behalf. I am sharing so that you and your loved ones can pay attention to what is done to and on your body. No one knows it all. Ask about everything regarding your health. Pay attention to what they diagnose. Google. Google again. You and I can cause a change in the nefarious health system in Nigeria. Speak out.

Share this, it might just save a life.


  1. I have had two bad experiences at Doreen too, when my mum had an accident and when I had gastroenteritis, for days they cld not deduce wat was wrong with me, there was no light, no doctor to treat me and I was in all shades of pain till my aunt threatened to bring down the hospital with her shouting. I suggest that they sold be shut down due to incompetence

  2. That's my HMO too, was apparently disgusted the first time I went there when I nearly passed out in my office. I fell ill at work, got there and they ran tests and told me that I had malaria which was treated and after 3 days, I decided to check out another hospital.on getting to another hospital, it was discovered I had something totally different that I even had to have a blood transfusion. Please people, avoid that hospital like a plaguen, they are a serious joke.

  3. Let's sue doren *big smile*

  4. Seriiously I really don't know why Doren hospital is still running, I had a friend who lost her 10 months old due to a case of misdiagnosis like this. We adviced that the sue then too but Nigerians and our dislike to litigation...
    I thank God for ur life darl, and thankful for u that u have enlightened family that cld seek other oppinion, we can only imagine what wld have happened if u had to go back there again for further treatment.

  5. Doren Hospital is just, as someone commented earlier, a joke. It happens to be my HMO too, due to closeness to my residence but I've learnt horrible lessons there. The last time I visited the hospital some 11 months ago was the scariest of all to me. Imagine nearly passing out at a client's office I was consulting for, rushed home to my supposedly health/life-giver. The doctor I met on call did not deem it fit to recommend any test be carried out for thorough understanding of the nature of my ailment, but just concluded to treat me for malaria and "mild typhoid". Giving that I didn't have the strength to argue much, I went home and gave myself a much-needed rest for 5 days. Thank God it wasn't more than accumulated stress at work.

    I support the motion for a close-down of the hospital as the owners do not seem to value the lives of their patients. *shikena*

  6. Wow, I am so impressed by all of your quick responses. Right now, I have no clue who to report this hospotal too and the necessary steps to ensure they are properly regulated.

    If you guys know other hospitals or clinics that treat human life like chicks. Please comment here.

    And for those of you who posted as anonymous could you please send your names and phone numbers to my

    So glad we are doing this.

  7. On Sunday, May 28, 2006 (a day after Children's Day), I had a ghastly car accident on the Ajah/Epe express road while driving to church. Another vehicle ran into mine while coming at top speed from the opposite direction just as I was about to drive across the road into my church's parking lot. It was raining cats and dogs. It was a foggy morning as the heavy rain made visibility poor. (Oh how I remember that day like it happened just yesterday!) I still don't remember feeling or hearing the car crash at the time it occurred. All I know was, I was on the other side of the road, watching out for oncoming vehicles and signaling with my light to cross the road and park my car in front of church. When the coast was clear, I drove out crossing the road . . . next thing was . . . LIGHTS OUT! Unknown to me, I had passed out. The split seconds just before I passed out (as later narrated to me by onlookers and some church members who saw what happened), a car ran into mine from the opposite direction causing a loud bang heard by all which left a jaw dropping sight and also caused my car to spin several times before finally coming to a full stop. While my car was spinning, my body (especially my head) was hitting the dash board, the window, the car seat and the wind shield. As the car finally stopped spinning and people came to my rescue, they could not even open the door because I had locked my doors and worn my seat belt (something I always do). I thank God for the seat belt because I would have been flung out the window but for the seat belt that held on to my legs on the driver's seat as my body was on the other seat in front. Anyway, as people kept banging on the car and trying to open the car to get me out, somehow, I regained consciousness. It was me who got up from the other seat, undid my seat belt before they were able to get me out. I was in the pool of my own blood! . . .

    This isn't really about my accident but really about the hospital I was immediately taken to; DOREN HOSPITAL. My face had some lacerations and a horrible opening that was almost showing my inner tissues. At that time, I was not feeling any pain; my whole body was numb (I guess due to the shock and impact from the accident). I could not see my face but others could and they tried to hide their fear of how I was looking as they rushed me to Doren. On getting to Doren Hospital that Sunday morning, the doctor on duty cleaned the blood on my face and stitched the openings on my face. I was later taken to one of the rooms to lay down as they administered some medication. I remember it was Pastor and Pastor Mrs Otegbade (Ibilola Essien's parents) that broke the news to my parents. As the Otegbades and my Mom and Dad arrived, my Mom broke into tears immediately and requested that I be taken to Premier Specialist Hospital in VI. It was in Premier that I was admitted for about a week. On getting to Premier Hospital, the doctors noticed that the main stitch (the one with the horrible opening) was not properly done. But they said they would not undo the stitch but wait for my face to heal and then do facial grafting. Unknown to me and even Premier Hospital, the worse was yet to come . . .

    About a week after the stitching at Doren, my face began to swell. The place where the main stitch was done had become septic and yellowish pus was always coming out. After sometime, I noticed tiny pieces of broken glass were coming out of the wound. It was a painful experience! Apparently, Doren Hospital had stitched the deep cut without first carefully cleaning it out. So I had a lot of tiny pieces of broken glass from the accident in my face, all stitched in!

    To cut this really long story short, the pieces of broken glass were taken out and the wound began to heal slowly. The outcome would have been much better if that first job done at Doren Hospital was properly done. That was about 7 years ago, I give God the glory for healing and for being back to my pretty self :-) He he he ;-)

  8. Na wa oh Kemi, I never knew the extent of the story of your accident. I do thank God for your life. I spent sometime yesterday trying to find the regulatory body for doctors in Nigeria. It happens to be the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria. They happen to have state chapters. I intend to write them. So y'all that have a story kindly send your name, your email address and phone number and story and send to

    I hope to get like 20. We can make this hospital accountable.

  9. It is well. To God be the glory.

    Br //
    Dayo Omojesu

  10. After spending a year at the National Hospital Abuja, I realised the decay in this country knows no bounds. I have no particularly detailed stories to tell but I do wanna share how pathetic a doctor's life must be. Where he has the expertise - there is no equipment. Where there might be equipment - he lacks the requisite training. And where he has both the expertise and the training he has a mediocre supporting staff at the best. NHA is of the third category.

    I don't know what y'all expect from a country who treats medicine as a one-man business. Some professions should at the very least be emancipated from the cancer from which Nigeria suffers.

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  13. The Doctors are in a No-Win situation. They have to deal with high operating costs, pressure to attend to multiple patients, with dwindling resources, obsolete equipment and with matters relating to life and death, it is really to tough situation. There are very few systems that function in the Country. Power Failures are a daily occurence. No infrastructure. Poor Leadership. Corruption. Dumping of crude oil on farmlands, rivers and environment. The Legal system with corrupt judges. Yet, a doctors mistake cost lives. How can we help the Doctors, to help us???

  14. It is so unfortunate that this has happen and it has to be doren hospital, one of the best hospital in lekki,in lagos,but i thing if anybody has any isue with doren should see the management or his health insurance.

    Everything is wrong in Nigeria it is just God that can help us, am sure that other people have been in doren hospital and came out with good testimony and report, condenming them will not help the society. Human beings are not 100% perfect including the great surgeon even Ben Carson,Jesus told his disciples to watch and pray, I thing it is just prayers that can lead us to anywhere.

    Let us all look unto God as the great physician rather than condenming them, this doren hospital must have saved a lot of lives,i know in medicals there are no mistakes but We are all humans and as human we could make mistakes at any giving time, even at the best hospital in the world,were you expect the best services from them can still make mistakes,though its dangerous, that's why when you are I'll and going to any hospital don't expect miracles from any doctors but God almighty.

    1. You are obviously in one way affiliated with Doren, because your comment lacks objectivity. Don't play that game of blaming it on God, God gave us brains for a reason. People don't go to the hospital to look for miracles, they do that at a church. They go to hospitals to find feasible medical treatments.

  15. Dr (Col) Bolorunduro SundaySunday, 30 June 2013 at 15:04:00 GMT-7

    Dear Mrs Ibilola Essien, as a lawyer you know what to do to seek redress .If you are very certain there was negligence at Doren Specialist Hospital get your facts together and sue them
    .The established regulatory body for practice of medicine in Nigeria is Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN ) located at Ahmed Onibudo street behind Afribank House by Law school Victoria Island Lagos .
    The body responsible for the registration ,licensing ,regulation and standardization of Private practice in Lagos State is the Private Hospital Regulation Authority (LPHRA) also called Health Facility Monitoring and accreditation Agency (HEFAMA) located at Ministry of Health ,Lagos Govt Secretariat Alausa
    Thirdly you can tell your HMO to investigate your complaints and advise you on appropriate disciplinary or legal actions to take
    My learned friend hope you find these links helpful
    Seek advice from your doctor friends including your cherished Dr Ojukwu .If as you claim, Dr Ojukwu truly felt his colleague at Doren was negligent ,let him issue you a medical report stating clearly what he found and where his colleague got it wrong
    This would definitely be strong evidence ( this would be a peer assessment which would be strong weapon definitely strong enough to help you prosecute Doren. if you recall the trial of Michael Jackons (Propofol) doctor the evidence of his colleagues were heavily relied upon
    Your HMO has a right to request for your medical records to confirm wrong doings at Doren .They could and should insist on Doren criteria for making the diagnosis that resulted in this 'unnecessary appendicectomy " that nearly killed you
    As a professional you would agree that errors of judgement could occur when u dabble into areas you do not have core competence . accountants may not objectively assessed a lawyer,s competence just like engineers may not objectively and fairly assess the competence of doctors
    Health is a state of physical, mental and psychological wellbeing You may have gone to Doren with expectations which were not met .your father being a pastor would advise that you do not settle scores on the pages of the news paper or through internet blogs
    Kind regards to George your husband at Brilla FM

    1. Thank you so much Dr. Col Bolorunduro Sunday for visiting my blog.

      I was the one who went 6 weeks with pain popping cocodamol, every four hours so I could successfully sleep for two hours without pain. At this time, I was looking for the funds necessary to do the required second surgery. A human body is not a canvas, neither is it a machine, cutting it open because proper investigative tests were not done makes it totally irresponsible and deadly.

      Doctors must be held to a higher standard of care than any profession in the world because they deal with human lives. My point is I am educated, I have a platform to air my grievances, how about the many who don't have the opportunities for a second consult or die as a result of negligent behaviour?

      The subsequent comments by other individuals should point to the fact that there is a serious problem that must be fixed at the hospital or the health care system in itself.
      I never said the surgery Doren did nearly killed me.I said their poor diagnosis of my situation could have resulted in death.

      The problem with Nigeria is that culture has created servitude and caused many many people to take anything. I used my medium to reach people to question their doctors when diagnosed and possibly get another opinion. (And I am not sorry that I did. If the Government will not do anything, if older doctors will not question the norm. I and a group of people who want to leave a better Nigeria for our kids, will do so. I am not afraid.

      And sir, you sound like you know me, with your comments about my dad being a pastor and your mention of my husband's name.

  16. Brig Gen (Dr) J.A.Aremu (Rtd)Monday, 1 July 2013 at 15:37:00 GMT-7

    Mrs Ibilola Essien, it is good now that your true identity has been revealed. ordinarily doctors are not supposed to advertise hence I will not join issues with you on a faceless internet blog.

    I happen to be a visiting surgeon to Doren Specialist Hospital and my attention has been drawn to your malicious publication about the hospital. This has been read by numerous people(as you intended) both locally and abroad.

    The management of the hospital including the Chief Consultant Surgeon you alluded to in your malicious publication happens to be a surgeon of over 30years experience.

    Dr John Ojukwu happens to be a friend of Doren Hospital and our junior colleague. I doubt that he will make unprofessional comments about his seniors. If you still insist he found Doren incompetent, let him put his report in writing.

    I requested to objectively investigate your allegations and I have found out your appendix was actually sent for histology(if you know what that means) and the diagnosis of acute appendicitis and peritonitis was confirmed by professors of pathology. You and your friends may wish to confirm this at Doren (I run my clinics from 10am - 4pm every Saturday at Doren).

    It is rather sad that youths of today abuse the internet and under the cloak of anonymity want to bring down and rubbish the hard earned reputation of a highly skilled surgeon. Rather than continue your diatribe and character assassination on the internet as part of the "pull him down syndrome"(PHD), I would advise you go ahead and sue Doren if you are very sure there was a misdiagnosis or other wrong doings. How could you have survived 10pints of drip in one night???

    Now that you've been unveiled the onus of proof is on you as everybody is innocent until proven guilty. If you cannot establish all your claims against Doren don't you think Doren could sue you for defamation of character and libel?

    I will be happy to hear your thoughts on this issue.

    1. If Lola's case is character defamation, sir, can you address Kemi Animashaun's? Nigerian hospitals are shamelessly negligent, let's start by agreeing on that point and maybe, just maybe, we can move on

    2. As you seem to be educating me on medicine, perhaps I should mention that I am in the best position to educate you on malice, libel and slander.

      First off, a gazillion years in a profession does not mean competence. Medicine is not head knowlege, it requires investigation.

      My post was originally targeted at having the medical professional body investigate and regulate hospitals with quack practices.

      I don't want anything just to speak up for the underdog.

      But thank you sir, for further helping us realise that Doren Hospital is not the way to go by publishing patient information in a bid to defend yourself.

      Once again, thank you.

    3. Did you even read through the comments Dr.Aremu?! If you're claiming her claim is malicious or baseless,are you also claiming other stories are malicious or you just chose to be blind to them? The humane,responsible and respectable thing to do would've been a thorough in-house investigation to ascertain what the issue is with your establishment,rather than come here and make a show of shame!!! READ THE DAMN COMMENTS SIR!!!

    4. No dear Ibiola
      I'm sorry that you didn't find the treatment at Doren professional enough but I must point out that medicine is largely head knowledge though evidence based head knowledge,investigations are only ancillary either to include or exclude. Nigeria as a country has a lot of things going wrongly and the health sector will not and cannot be different sadly things can only get better when people are checked. Thank you and hope you are in the best health form right now? Best wishes!

  17. Thank you sir for visiting my blog.

    First, my identity was never hidden. I do not hide while I post about serious issues.

    I do not assasinate anyone's character, I call it out as I see it. And are you saying sir, that symptoms of appendicitis are not mirrored in other diseases? Are you telling me sir, that I did not get horrible treatment at Doren or that less than two months after a surgery for appendicitis, I had to do a Laparoscopy? Would the second surgery have been necessary if proper investigative tests had been carried out the first time?

    Are you saying that for lack of what to do, people who posted here and myself decided to bring down a hospital?

    I am not exactly young sir and I am not exactly stupid. Doren Hospital needs to be regulated.

    And I believe sir, that instead of 'joining issues' with me, perhaps you should spend that time helping your colleague run an efficient, health investigative hospital so that the poor people and the ones who cannot afford expensive treatment can get better healthcare from hospitals.

    I posted this not for fame but for everyone to challenge the status quo, ask questions, get a second consult so the end result is not a huge party at their burial.

    And may I ask sir, when you have serious health issues even as a doctor, do you treat yourself here in Nigeria or you travel abroad?

    1. Wow! It is shocking to realize that this tale is actually true. I learnt of your ordeal from a HMO manager with whom I had gone to lodge yet another complaint of Doren's mistreatment of my colleagues who are registered with Doren as their medical care givers.

      The latest in a long series of issues was a colleague of mine misdiagnosed as having appendicitis following complaints of severe stomach ache and surgery. She had been prepped for surgery and was due to be wheeled into the O.R. but for the timely intervention of her mother who called in from Niger state and requested a 24-hour delay. Doren threatened to discharge her if the surgery was not done as prescribed but God intervened and they allowed the delay.

      Following the arrival of her mum, she demanded a full report of her daughter's diagnosis and it was discovered that the doctor who diagnosed her did not carry out any test but concluded based on answers to a few questions. The mother therefore demanded that tests and possible scans be carried out and a second opinion sought before her daughter would be torn open.

      Alas! Tests revealed that what she had was not appendicitis but just stomach infection which did not require surgery but just some medications and a modified diet. Within two days of her mother's intervention and the diagnosis, she was well enough to return to work without a scratch.

      This is just one of so many issues my colleagues who use Doren hospital have had over the years and we have indeed blacklisted that hospital. I would advise anyone reading this blog post to disregard the posts by the so called doctors above. While one is introducing the "suffering and smiling" syndrome, the other is basically trying to defend their ineptitude (I wonder how a Dr. who only consults on Saturdays would know how his incompetent colleagues act 6 days of the week).

      P.S. My regards to your husband. I'm a big fan of his on Brila FM.

    2. Thanks so much Flexy for your comments. I am so happy other people are posting their experiences here. I maintain that Doren Hospital needs to be investigated and regulated. Enough is enough

  18. i find it appalling that your experience is classified as "Malicious"! There is certainly nothing anonymous about the people the hospital has almost killed. it is obvious from the comments of the two doctors that the hospital management isn't ready to reflect on the issues with the aim of resolving them. We have a long way to go in this country!

  19. It is quite a pity that individuals of a sane society are not free to complain concerning issues without being tagged enemies with the sole aim of running down an organisation!!

    A citizen of a country went through alot of tormoil, phychologocally, financially and otherwise and the only thing someone could take from all that these trash i am presently reading?

    Good a thing that one was "magnanimous" enough to tell us the various agents such grievances should be directed to but what was calling the writers husbands name and the profession the father is practicing all about? Is that an indirect, cheap blackmail or what?

    It is so unfortunate that people are often silently and radically shut down even when that person is a victim of such terrible circumstance, making way for other's to keep quiet, when then would we have the change we so much crave for?

    If the writer were to be lying, it would have been a different ball game, but because of the love she had for her fellow citizens, she was humble enough to tell the whole world she had such an ailment, a thing a typical Nigerian would have prefared to hide. Fortunately for we her readers, we are happy to have someone bold enough to say, she had a surgery, but unfortunately, it went bad!!!

    If there was no need to talk about issues but only in court rooms, then there should be no room for radio and television shows or even stories we read in News-papers, people would have simply taken every issue to the courts!!!!

    Kudos to the writer, and kudos to the readers of this piece!! All the readers need to do is to use their discretion and know that all cases can never be the same, it is left for them to find out if that particular hospital is as careless as it seems or one particular doctor was unfortunate/fortunate enough to be on duty the day this beautiful, intelligent writer was on admission, in the process, exposed himself,thereby giving the hospital a bad name. Cheers all- BLESSING VICTOR METEKE.

  20. Wow - I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience. It is horrifying to read about! Have you considered pursuing legal action? I don't know anything about the Nigerian legal system, but in America, this would definitely be grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit. No one should have to go through what you went through.

  21. Thank you for the eye opening warnings,I'm about to choose Doren as my HMO bt after going through all the testimonies,I definitely have to change my mind. Does anyone know about Germaine Health Centre, Udeco Medical centre or First City Diagnosis? I'll be happy if I get a response before Monday.

    1. Hi. I am so sorry to be responding so late. The best hospitals are not on HMO's dear. But I will advise that you should vigilant with any diagnosis and always ask questions. In addition, Google will help too. Cheers.

  22. I also had the same issue in Doren. I would have been taking to the theater room. but luckily for me I insisted they must wait for my mom to come before they could operate on me.

  23. This is so unfortunate and it kills me when we complain about things in this country some people will still find a way to justify nonsense!! Nobody is assassinating Doreen Hospital here, people are stating facts.

    As a law student many years ago, i remember taking the course LAW AND MEDICINE. I can recall that we had absolutely no Nigerian cases to refer to in that course with the level of incompetence going on in our hospitals i was shocked. I was so vexed then but now that am wiser, i have come to understand the peculiar nature of our country. How do you sue a doctor who was negligent in administering treatment in this "naija" i use "naija " to sum up the peculiar nature of the country. We cannot estimate the level of underground work that one is expected to do to successfully sue. Doctors in Nigeria do not talk to patients, they do not explain procedures to you. They see you as troublesome when you start asking questions. You can't even read their writing nor get to understand the prescriptions. The second opinion you go in search of (another doctor) would even confuse you the more just to make money off you. The medical profession is run like a cabal- cult. Doctors who know what they are doing can not speak out against others.Just like the case above-Dr Ojukwu is their junior colleague, will the said Dr. Ojukwu agree to testify against his senior colleagues??? what will be his faith after the case? would they not frustrate him in his career (naija factor), How would one even gather evidence when the hospital would have destroyed everything tangible you can hold on to.

    It is indeed a hard nut to crack in this country. Even when they are reported to the governing body. Bribery and corruption still exist there. What can they possibly do after being paid.

    The negligence and all in the medical field is a true reflection of the country as a whole. Every sector/industry is sick. If you cannot afford to go abroad for medical treatment please make Google your best friend and read up on your symptoms. When i was pregnant i had a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. I had never heard of it. I ran to my hospital (yes! one of the so called best ) the specialist had no clue. She prescribed calcium tablets, some pain killers and sleeping tabs. i took a hard look at the drugs and decided to call my friend who is a pediatrician in the US. By describing what was happening to my hands she simply told me what was wrong and asked me to go read up. The truth is Doctors do not know all but Nigerian doctors due to poverty will never admit to that. A general practitioner will serve as a surgeon, gynecologist, pediatrician, physio, osteopath, dentist, optician, shrink etc God help us all.

    1. Dear Addy, thank you so much for sharing. You hit the nail on the head. Everything is wrong and the health sector is a reflection of all things wrong.
      I don't know how but there has got to be a way to get things right or there is no way our children will live in this country successfully.

  24. I'm sorry to hear about your ordeal, but has anyone found out the restrictions placed on treatment and investigations by HMOs?

  25. If indeed these stories about DOREN is accurate, I am of the opinion that we should be doing more than writinig comments on this blog. Each person affected or if you know anyone who has been should write complaints to the relevant authorities, NMA, State and Fed Min of Health, NAFDAC, and your respective HMO and do not rest until action is taken.
    I believe we can prevent unnecessary deaths from the incompetence of any org only by speaking out.

  26. I love the way you have narrated your experience and if anyone is grieved as regards you narration please do go and create a blog with the aim of responding to this one. Just so you know my sister patronize Doren and she says its good which i have no doubt about since her two boys were born there. Me talking about Doren should be an applause until my flat mate in Scotland says "dont go there o" and i asked her why? she said they are limited in their expertise but claim to know more. Listening to her i was almost in tears as she showed me her leg(now K leg) and the operation she had and the series of nonsense they were telling her. But she went to Benin were she was properly treated and was asked who treated her and she mentioned the name of the doctor(Akpan something) and she was told the man is a big name in the medical field she should not make attempt to report him because she wont win,so she decided to threaten him that she will sue him and guess he admitted wrong and she was given a sum as compensation for ill diagnosed treatment and surgery. When she gets back i will ask her to comment if she can and give you the breakdown of her experience. what i am driving at is they probably have their area of expertise and should maintain that and not try to act as the all knowing hospital that can treat all beings. Recently, my sister has been ill and the treatment shes getting is not making her better i have asked her to change hospital but she wont listen because she has been getting result in that hospital before now, i would invite her to your blog so she can behold the testimony of others and make her decision. my advice to Doren and its Consultant: you don't have to spread all your clothes for the world to know you wear the latest designer, one or two jacket is enough to showcase your status. Doren specialize in the area of your core skills and stop deceiving Nigerians of more skills that you do poorly at as reports indicate, leave the generality of medicine to General Hospital and save the world in the best possible way. You are warned and good work on the delivery of my nephew and STOP wrong diagnosis and surgery your image is badly painted.

  27. I read this with shock but most Hospital around the Ajah area are not even qualified to be recuperation centres because they are Pig sty. I am registered with Doren, Havilah and St. Edwards.

    They are all mosquito infested, rats and other vermin share rooms with patients. I went to st. Edwards and saw rats strolling in the waiting area and called the attention of the reception staff but they just asked where is it as if I was a rat catcher. The painful part is that they do not change the beddings on the beds in the wards. My wife was admitted there and I took mental note of it. My wife shared a room with another woman and the lady was discharged and they left the bed the same way the woman left it. At night I called one of the nurses and said to her that the bed was the same way it was when the other lady left that they should change the beddings before they did. I bet you if I had not spoke a patient will be rushed in nd will end up on that bed.

    I know you all are talking about prognosis and diagnosis but the general well being of hospital patient is zero. You go in with one thing and might come back with 2more.

  28. hmmmm!!!I just stumbled on this and I am so happy people are finally speaking out! My sister in law was diagnosis was ulcer,at a private hospital in festac.After a week, we moved her to a teaching hospital where she spent 3weeks with no diagnosis!We moved her out to the UK where she was denied entry because of her condition.We finally lost her 6weeks after at another teaching hospital where cancer was the final diagnosis!Ulcer to cancer....Nigerian hospitals are simply 'slaughter houses',please pass the message around!

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. This is what this post is about. Human Lives must be held in the highest esteem. Too much nonsense in the health sector

  29. So sorry for your experience. Being ill in Nigeria really frightens me. But that aside, I'm even more surprised to find out that people have HMOs and health insurance in Nigeria. I thought we all just went to the hospital and paid cash.

    1. No Sugabelly. We have several HMO's in Nigeria. Most Organizations have their employees use the HMO.

  30. In all honesty I really do not know what to say about Doren hosp. I had my first son there through a C-Section 4years ago and I thank God it went well....but prior to that any of my fiends that heard I was using Doren hosp had sthng nasty to say about it n advised against me using it! one had a good testimony about the hosp!almst evry1 of them had d same complaint mis-diagnosis and incompetent nurses/doc/staff!!
    It makes me wonder if doctors r in ds profession for money or if they actually have the passion for saving human lives!!goin to some hosp in nigeria is a risk!!!all I can say is dt our lives are in Gods hands...n not in d hands of this pple..
    I can only trust God for divine health!!

  31. This issues wit Doren hospital is getting out of hand and people should speak out against not just Doren hospital but every other hospital that do not value human lives!!something really needs to be done about this!I know of people with nasty expirience about Doren how will a hospital make a diagnosis without conducting tests?is every stomach pain appendicitis!?is every temperature malaria!?
    Please this issue should not be taken lightly!!!voicing out will hopefully make the management of this hospital to sit up!!!!let's speak out human lives are involved!!!

    1. I totally agree with you. We all NEED to SPEAK OUT!

  32. Ibilola, I stumbled on your blog and this story was the first I read and it arrested my attention. Your issues with Doren Hospital is not unique to Doren alone. The fact remains that many Nigerian private hospitals, like the country itself, are sick and need urgent treatment! From my little experience, many Nigerian private hospitals in a bid to maximise profit, sacrifice specialisation, professionalism and expertise. So you get an hospital owned by an orthopaedic doctor, who doubles as a surgeon and a gynaecologist and who has a retinue of very junior doctors and would only call in a specialist when a case is getting out of hand. We all need to understand that not all doctors are doctors, just as you have students passing out with a third class, so also are there doctors that barely passed out of Medical schools. Patients should demand to know the specialisation of any private doctor they want to entrust their health to and in this information age, Google and read more on any diagnosis your doctor makes. Ask questions and if your curiosity is not satisfied, get another professional opinion. Its your health and your life, Period. This have been the way I operate in regards to the health of my family and it has brought me to fantastic professionals like Dr. Akinwande(A Maxilo-facial Surgeon), Professor Dr. Chris Bode(A Paediatric Surgeon) and Professor Dr. Adetoro(G&O)

    1. That is the attitude Sir, no one has an excuse to be ignorant anymore. Once you die, life goes on!

      Doctors must be held to a higher standard of care

  33. Again those that feel aggrieved may take up issues via the medical and dental council investigation panel as medical management and mismanagement issues are not always as simple to determine based on casual narration

  34. I just wanted to read this and have a laugh but after reading the Brigadier's response, I could not keep quiet. I thank God that I have never had to go to Doren for any emergency whatsoever, there is hardly any day you will go to Doren without feeling frustrated. A large number of their staff are grossly incompetent,with a terrible attitude and this include the Pharmacist who I think is one of the owner's wife ( i do not know for sure). Their rooms are dirty and mosquito infested, and you they always waste your time.
    Just 5 days ago, I was comparing notes with a friend and she told me her six year old son told her how "every body in their school know that Doren is a bad hospital'' so why take his aunt there?
    I will share just one of the nasty experiences I have had there. While I was pregnant with my 2nd child and was due to deliver, I became restless and wanted the baby to come asap. On a friday, evening I went to Doren which was near me even though I had my ante natal clinics at Lagoon Hospital. On seeing the doctor, he asked the nurse to get a measuring tape and the nurse went out for such a long time, he asked another person to get the equipment to listen to the foetus' heart beat, neither of the came back and after like 30 minutes ( or so) my husband and I left. I had been considering having the baby at Doren because of the distance of my house to Lagoon Apapa but I swore then that whatever time my labour started, I would go to Apapa rather than use Doren.
    As God would have it, my labour started around 4am the next morning which gave me sufficient time to get to Apapa without encountering any traffic.
    I tell anybody who cares to listen that they should never use Doren for any serious complaints, while I am not holding brief for any other hospital because as I have come to know, they all have their issues. The day I gave up on Doren was when they pasted a notice that patients should stop harassing their staff , and when I heard the pharmacy Lady say that HMO patients are a nuisance.

    I think the Brigadier Doctor should hide his face in shame rather than defend incompetency, if you are not making profit from HMO then stop it! You are not doing us a favor.

  35. i tire. Doren this, Doren that. seriously, the hospital team should be ashamed of themself. i just read an article on how a young Nigerian man lost his beautiful wife at this hospital. something must be done fast, before we lose all our talented young Nigerians. Doctors are to handle human lives with care and not complain. if the HMO does not favou them, then it should be scraped. afterall, an average Nigerian can still affort to pay hospital bills.

  36. I had an unforgettable experience in doren hospital, Ajah and just came back home, decided I had a responsibility to share my experience cos you never know who the will be their next victim. I am amazed to read a lot of other people's frightening experiences here. I think it's high time something is done about that hospital, it's more like a ritual centre, you go there and only the mercy of God can bring you out whole.
    On the 5th of November, my husband woke up in the wee hours of the morning feeling feverish, I cldn't take him to the hospital cos it was about 3am so I prayed with him and gave him paracetamol, he calmed down and slept. At about 12noon again, he felt a bit unwell so we went to doren hospital cos it was the closest to us, (we normally use lagoon hospital in prior to this experience with doren hospital). We went in and after waiting for about 3 hours, we saw Dr A (I’ll reveal their names at d right time), and he said my husband had malaria and his blood pressure was high, 177/120 and he needed to bring d blood pressure down till Friday where he will need to come in and see the ‘Consultant Cardiologist’, by 4pm, he then prescribed some drugs and we thanked him and went home.

    Later in the evening, the fever came back again and this time, my husband was rolling all over the floor and I couldn’t take it cos he’s normally a strong man and never really seen him like that before, so I took him back to doren hospital after praying. We met another dr, who happens to be the night dr by the name dr Felix’. Who immediately saw my husband without any investigation, told the nurses to organise a bed for him that he was going to be admitted and they should ‘sedate’, him (found out later, that happens to be his favourite word as he kept sedating all d patients at night cos he was a football freak and all he did at night was ‘watch football’, till day break)

    Making my husband pass the night there was one the greatest mistake of my life as it was now a case of trial and error, every 3-4 hours, the nurses came in with a lot of drugs ( like 10-12 at d same time) to give him coupled with all sorts of injections and drips.

    Then I started noticing my husband felt worse anytime they administered those drugs to him, he would scream with more pain, weakness, fainting, and lo and behold, my husband collapsed right in my presence on Friday, at this time, I had called my pastor and another pastor and my parents and loved ones to start praying , the nurses didn’t have a clue what they were given him as I kept asking questions they couldn’t answer and they were angry I was even asking, in fact I had a face-off with several of the nurses, as it was almost impossible to see the day dr, they kept saying dr ‘A’ was busy attending to out-patients, d only dr one could see was dr B whom have nicknamed ‘killer dr’. On Thursday, about 1pm, the 7th of November, they brought in this guy to the ward my husband was in, the guy was telling the nurses he was beaten to stupor by his brothers since Sunday.

    He was immediately admitted but only d nurses kept coming in to see telling him he should put his leg up so the pain can subside (unbelievable). No tests, no investigations. I was concerned cos it was obvious even to the blind the guy needed urgent attention cos of the state at which he was brought in yet no dr was available to see him un till evening when the nurses came with a blood sac to administer blood into this guy, before then, the electrical wires by my husband’s bedside started smelling like it was burning from inside and before I could move him away from there, it sparked fire and smoke everywhere, the nurses came again and moved my husband and this guy to the next room.

  37. By this time, the guy was screaming pain, which was scary, though he was brought beaten, he wasn’t screaming pain but as soon as the nurses started the blood transfusion, the guy was uncontrollable with so much pain, he was asking for water, they declined saying it would interrupt the blood transfusion he was being given (unbelievable), I felt so uncomfortable seeing this guy in so much pain, after screaming in pain for about 30nims and d nurses couldn’t control him, they went to get the killer dr who reluctantly came upstairs as he had been interrupted from watching his football. As soon as he came in, you could see from the look in his eyes he had given up on the guy and he said, ‘this guy will die of renal failure o’, ‘who brought him here’? At this point, the guy now started saying, ‘I’m dying’, I’m dying, I’m dying’, they just kept telling him, sorry, sorry, (I suspect the blood he was being given was not screened properly or was not his blood type). So I went downstairs to get something from the car, before I knew what was happening, I saw my husband, downstairs, looking traumatised and he said the guy had given up, I said what!!! My husband said just as I said stepped out, he was screaming, ‘I’m going’, ‘I’m going o,’ and killer dr just stood there and watched him literally die and as soon he gave up, they dint even touch him pr try to revive him, they just put the bed sheet over his head and covered him and d killer dr, asked d nurses what time it was and they said 12.07 (just past midnight), he then told them to record it as d time he passed on.
    I went home feeling horrible, ve never seen that sort of thing before, I couldn’t believe what I just saw, by d next morning, they had moved my husband from that room again to the room upstairs, this time he wasn’t even recognising anyone, he was hallucinating and just rolling on d bed and they kept saying, he’s ok, he had not even eating anything since Tuesday, he was reduced to almost a skeleton.
    I knew at this point it was only God that will rescue my husband, I prayed asking God that the legs my husband used to walk into Doren is the same leg he will use walk out of there. I called my brother and he came in with his wife demanding to see the dr to find out what exactly they are treating him for or to move him to another hospital and the killer dr was so reluctant to talk to them and said he only speaks to his patient to anybody, (of course, he was watching football and didn’t want to be bothered by anyone). So my sister in-law asked him, if my husband was being given a particular drug because that’s only way he will be feeling that way (by the way, she’s a biochemist) and the dr denied, that they could never used that on their patients as it causes weakness and can make a man impotent and assured us by Friday when d ‘physician’ comes as she’s fondly called (the cardiologist), he would know what to do and all the test they’ve done on him so far has been coming back as normal/fine.
    Friday the 8th of November, finally, this old, frail elderly woman walks in with my husband’s file in her hands, asking him basic health questions for about 5mins, before she was about to take her and my husband now suggested her that he needs an ‘ECG’, x-ray to be done before the so-called cardiologist now wrote a note on his file that he should be taken for x-ray and ECG test. We could see the shock on her face, she then how my husband knew about ECG, my husband then explained some things to her. Meanwhile for the 5mins she spoke to my husband, we were charged N 15,000 as her fee, which excludes the admissions and other charges. They billed him for food for the 4 days he was there which he never ate.

  38. By the evening, my husband was not feeling any better, I had made up mind to we were leaving there; it was more like they were given him those drugs to keep him there so the bill will keep running. In fact, they said it was ‘resistant malaria’ and they needed to keep him there to give him more drugs and injections. I was fed up of their stories and we decided to leave the hospital, they then asked to wait till Saturday for all the results to come in then he will be discharged, at this juncture, I wasn’t leaving him alone there at night anymore, I was sleeping there with him cos I noticed anytime l left him to go home and see the children, he would be drugged and by the time I came back, he would be unable to recognise me.

    That Friday night was the day they could have succeeded in killing him, the nurses came with like 15 different types of drugs and I told them, he’s not eaten, he’s not taking drip as substitute and you are given him this amount of drugs, they felt offended that I questions their competence and gave him anyway, before I knew my husband started reacting like an epileptic patient, I rushed downstairs, bought him glucose and blood tonic, started crying, screaming doctor, the next the nurses came, gave him more injections and at this point he collapsed and I started screaming his name, crying, the nurses were just standing there when d killer Dr came , and saw I was trying to give him some blended fruit (banana and orange, so he could have something in his stomach) he said I should not give him that anymore (even though he was not eaten) I then begged for them to give him drip which they obliged.

    I called my pastor and he drove all the way that night about 12 midnight and started praying, eventually my husband settled. The next morning I told them I wanted my husband discharged and the killer dr said he was ok and will be discharged but one more test result they were waiting for which was going to come in, I refused to go home and stayed, waiting all day .

    Later, we were told there no Dr available to discharge him. Waited and waited until it was late, so we had to pass the night there and I felt it was medically wrong to leave without a word from the cardiologist. The next day, this was Sunday. They kept giving the same excuses of no dr available, that’s when I started screaming down the hospital, they then said I should go to accounts first before my husband could see the dr to discharge him which I did, the silly young girl calculating was making a lot of mistakes right in my presence, I could not believe it, it was like going to a buka to eat amala and after eating, your bill is being calculated, she finally finished and gave me a bill of about N140,000, including extra charges for as many times the nurses entered the room my husband was in.

    After settling the bill, they then said to me that my husband did not need to see any doctor again as he has been discharged by the killer dr and we were given several drugs again to take home and to come back in a week’s time for review. I tried to ask the nurse to know what the drugs were for, she said 5 of the drugs were blood pressure and the other ones were for malaria.

    We left there, rested at home, didn’t want to give him to those drugs and I felt they were a bit too much, so I drove back to doren, demanded to see the doctor on duty but they said he was busy and I left and took my husband to Redington Hospital in G.R.A. Ikeja, when we saw the consultant cardiologist, and showed him the drugs from Doren, he was so shocked, asked us the name of the Hospital, and he said he knows someone who had a similar experience, he then told us 2 out of those drugs were no longer in use, they have been phased out as they can kill, the 5 blood pressure drugs at the same time could have killed my husband, he said no one is supposed to take more than 2 blood pressure drugs at the same time.

  39. He immediately sent my husband to their lab for x-ray and to check all his organs to be sure nothing was damaged, after all said and done, he told us to bin the drugs from Doren and gave my husband just a one drug and one antibiotics. Since then my husband has been recovering, feeling better and better.

    We went again for check up on the 14th at Redington and everything is fine with him. I’m so grateful to God for delivering us from the ritualist hospital called doren. I’m also concerned as I know several other people who are not meant to die, would have died since then and just don’t where to make official report or even if this can get to the media.

    During our stay, I had my sister in-law who came in from Brussels with her my nephew , they also decided to see d paediatrician in Doren cos my nephew has a fever within that period, the 1st dr she saw told her baby who she immunised in Brussels had malaria, she felt it was strange but took d drugs and gave my nephew, later on, he wasn’t improving and took him back, another doctor said the baby had ’pneumonia’, and they prescribed more drugs, at this time, I advised not to give the baby the drugs, but to see the paediatrician, who they had to pay extra 15k to see and the so called paediatrician said he had ‘bronchitis’, that was when my sis in-law concluded it was a rubbish hospital.

    Even the state of the hospital was horrendous, ants everywhere in the room and even in the food served, the only time I tried to taste d food my husband was being served, it was so salty I couldn’t believe it, yet, they said they were treating him for high blood pressure which everyone knows, salt is a trigger and should not even be in the food being given.

    I’d like to know if there’s a regulatory body one can report to or if this can be sent to the media, you never know how many people that can be saved.

    I am so sorry for making you read this much, it wasn’t easy for me writing this much as well but I feel I had a duty to share this for the world to see.

    I almost forgot to mention, they stole all the provision I brought there, which was in the cupboard in the first room my husband was in, when he was moved to another room, I asked the nurse about the provision, she said she didn't check, so went downstairs to check and came to tell me, they were no longer there, and claimed the cleaners stole them.

  40. Their rooms were so dirty and mosquito infested that I wondering if this a prison. The beddings were only changed once by the cleaners, I had to go downstairs severally to get new beddings also a bucket for my husband to have his shower every morning. when I asked for warm water, it was like asking for diamond, they stared at me as if to say 'where do you think you are? after about 3 hours before they brought the hot water.

  41. My family and I are just recovering from the traumatic experience at Doren Hospital. It took the God's divine intervention for my husband to come out of there alive. I applied the blood, the anointing, called Pastors to join me in prayers and brought my laptop to play 24 hours prayer sessions to counter all the evil was going on there. Please pass this on, let it reach as many people as possible.

  42. Be careful how you destroy other peoples hard earned reputation. You are not a Doctor neither are you God. Thank God that you are alive today. If you have any issue, take it up with Doren Hospital Management and report the issue with your HMO or the medical and dental council. I use Doren Hospital and i have been enjoying their services. Meanwhile are you perfect yourself? Remember,What goes around comes around.

  43. your choice of language shows you have deep seated grouse against doren hospital all their doctors were bad (from your account about 5 ) . One was a killer doctor and a football freak . The cardiologist was an old frail elderly woman who learnt of ECG and chest Xray from your husband . Their paediatrician was a so called paediatrician who was very ignorant . By just looking at a blood bag you knew it was NOT SCREENED PROPERLY OR WAS NOT HIS BLOOD TYPE . your biochemist relation ofcourse was better than all the doctors in Doren .There were Ants and cockroaches even in the tablets given to your husband . They ofcourse stole your provisions ........ Please report them to Medical and dental council and HEFAMA . ( someone had given their addresses earlier on the blog . If they fail to lock them up , please buy a padlock and lock the premises up on your own

  44. your statement" Drs MUST BE HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD". I agree with you but you cant expect efficiency in isolation! There is total systemic failure in the country as a whole! If you ask me hospital especially government ones are doing far better than other areas. Now does the society give Drs PREFRENTIAL treatment? Can a doctor walk into a bank and ask to jump the que because he will be late for work?

  45. Almost all the hospitals in Ajah axis (if not all) are filled with quack doctors and secondary school-drop -out-so-called-nurses. They are quick to tell u u need an emergency operation, this is just to charge u some extras so they will have money for their pockets and to pay salaries. My mother was wrongfully opened up and sewn back up for no good reason, thank God she survived it. When I was 20yrs (dat was over 15yrs ago) i was told i had appendicitis and required an urgent operation, i psychologically got well when i heard "operation". Last year I was told the same thing, I refused to believe, I went to Union Diagnostic in Yaba and ran a full abdominal scan, lo and behold, my appendix and all other organs of my body are well, intact and functioning properly, the reason for my abdominal pain was stated clearly!

  46. Your brother may have had appendicitis. It may have gone away before you got to UCH. It is an inflammation of the appendix and thus may come and go. It will definitely be back if it is! I don't know why you keep blaming doctors for billing you, my dear they are not running NGOs or not for profit organizations. I was in the US to deliver my baby and before I was able to see( first contact) with gynecologist I was asked to pay 3000 dollars not negotiable . Of course this has nothing to do with hospital bills which is even separate.
    Please mange yourself at home if you don't believe in your doctor. For crying out loud a[appendicitis is one of the easiest diagnosis to make in medicine so even if your doctor was dumb he will still be able to make a diagnosis.

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  49. Dear Ibilola Essien Aka IIsa Aida,

    It is not true that we misdiagnosed you of appendicitis. After full examination, investigations and appendicectomy, your appendix was sent for histology at Specialist (Histopath) Laboratory in Surulere which confirmed our diagnosis. The Histopath tissue diagnosis was performed by Professors of Histology from LUTH.

    No Military General was used to harass you. You were only informed of the above facts in 2012 and advised to take your case to disciplinary committee of Medical and Dental Council, instead of the Social Media. Doren Specialist Hospital still stands by her diagnosis as at 2012 when the surgery was done.

    Our silence on this issue for the past 3 years should not be mistaken for acceptance of guilt.

    Would you permit us to publish the histology report and operation note on social media like your friend Kash Badaru published medical report of Anjola Badaru?


    Doren Specialist Hospital

  50. At all Doren staff and supporters, you are trying too hard. Truth is if your patients felt good about the treatment received at your hospital they wouldn't have said otherwise! What do they have to gain running down your hospital here? Personally, I wouldn't take my dog to yours! I have used several hospitals in V/Island and I've had to constantly change due to service issues! If it's too hard and expensive running a hospital, have you thought about maybe a creche

  51. So Ms. Ibilola Essien, was your case finally reported to the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria? What was the outcome?

  52. Frankly speaking, Doren is such a huge joke. It's glaringly obvious its Management is intent on continually inserting its feet into its mouth, with subjective comments that lack an objective scrutiny of all complaints tabled here. Their baseless defence is not surprising in the slightest and barely deserves a reaction, but it does offer a handy reminder to the rest of us to STAY CLEAR! I recently had my own share of its bouquet of unprofessionalism, from its nonchalant attitude to patients, unkempt wards, and highly disrespectful staff. Doren has made ground its reputation of being insolent and comatose, and would rather lie with lethargy on her couch, than run along the equator to save the lives of those its meant to protect!

  53. Wow sounds lik Doreen hospital shouldnt be functionoing now, ive heard terrible things about it tooo,usually friend just say they had bad experiences there, I go to BUDO hospital its close to there.....and that hospital is sooo much more efficient, like they really attend to you in an instant.

  54. ive had a very bad experience with doren hospital..i was 24yrs and pregnant,went to the hospital to make enquiries for epidural anasthetic delivery,i wanted a painless delivery,the matron and gynaecoogist explained to me that they dont have an anasthestics but they usually invite one if you order for it,i said okay.of which i was given the price which was about 200k including other things which they explained,on the due date i got to the hospital by 11.50pm almost midnight,the receptionist or nurse i met at d counter was so uncaring and reluctant..considering my condition,i was in labour,screaming for them to call the matron on phone,the nurse called the matron and i think she was asked to inject with something i dont know of..there was no dotor in 7am,the anasthestics for the epidural process arrived,the anasthestics was d only humane person in that hospital,very caring,i explained my ordeal to him,how ive been in intenced pain since the yesterday night without a doctor,i wanted a painless delivery and here i am screaming my life out..immediately the epidural was administered,i was relieved from the pain,it as around 9am that a doctor now came to check on 5pm in d evening d babys head was close,another doctor came to my room after checking she asked them to give me what they call HOT DRIP..i tot it was a minor life turned upside down..i was sreaming loud now..calling d matron,telling them i paid for a painless delivery not this..2hours later i was rushed inside the theater,a male doctor came in and said they have to do a CS on me...that the hotdrip made the baby to turn to the other side,d next thing they start shaving me,and i said no,i wont do a CS..and later the male doctor said hes going to use a forcep to turn d babys head back,ive never been scared in my whole entire life,he wasnt even patient,so irritating attitude,he was even wearing an earpiece,listening to music while doing his thing..later he told me the baby had excreted in my womb,the matron was also there,she said nothing all through,i was like plz God help me get out of this situation..after about 20 minutes later they use forceps to bring my baby out..i just wanted to get the hell out of that hospital..they even wanted to kip me for few days,i refused,i left the next day..and when the bill came,i was like dear lord,what on earth??? 450k for what...the hospital told me 200k prior to delivery why 450k now? and the matron started counting..epidural 70k,hotdrip 30k,for using forcep 150k..normal delivery 150k..haba..i refused to pay cuz my hubby wasnt even around town,they had to let me go after i paid 250k..very annoying experience

    1. You see dear anonymous,please contest your bill if you did not receive services. I gave birth at Gwinnett medical center in the US, prepaid anaesthesia fees et all yet I didn't get one. Point is it's not a big deal anywhere in the world!

  55. this is unbelievable. i CANNOT believe a doctor and a hospital would brazenly reveal confidential patient information on a social media blog without permission! GROUNDS for SANCTIONS!

  56. As in Cathy, I have been shocked paahn. As I read through, I contacted the Naija branch of my family and I have warned them. God help and deliver us.

  57. Doreen is a joke, the Medical Director is a scam.. My wife had the worst experience there on 26th of May 2017.. Its a day she cannot wait to forget.. The Medical Director Slapped a nurse and fired another in our presence... I regret ever been associated with such prison..

  58. This nigga dey lie ooooooo.......Jesus Christ....and the m.d never die ooooooo

  59. Doren Hospital should be closed down, they gave me a wrong result that got me worried until i went to another hostel and it was negative.

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