Thursday, 28 March 2013

Change (Talk or Action): The Destiny Trust Org!

They didn't know I watched from afar.
I watched as they placed those kids over themselves. How could they forget their personal problems and focus on the problems of other people in such magnitude? ( I couldn't, I still cannot. I am like most people 'self-involved'). But they did.
I noticed, when they used most of their finances to settle children, I noticed when they took road trips every saturday to other towns like Ibadan to return children living in Kuramo back to their parents.
I mean after working the horrible hours they do at their day job, monday to friday, they use the weekends to follow through on their desire to nurture children into trees of Righteousness.
Truth. I admired them. I wanted so much to do what they were doing but like I said earlier. I am self-involved.
I had the privilege of watching them at close quarters as they sometimes used their last resources to make a child happy.
Today I highlight this group because they have made a difference by sheer tenacity and focus.
Did you know that many of the children that live in Kuramo Beach ran away from home sometimes for something as stupid as breaking a plate? Did you know that Destiny Trust Org relocated a mother with three children to a 3 bedroom flat in Awoyaya.
They do. They just don't talk the talk.

This is what they do and who they are:
The Destiny Trust is a specific social initiative aimed at addressing the needs of abused, neglected and homeless children through an integrated range of assistance which include provision of shelter, food, education, guidance, health care, mentoring, counseling and other child support services. We are committed to providing as many of these homeless children, that our resources can cater to an atmosphere of love, security, guidance, motivation, discipline and acceptance where they can grow as a total man, recover from trauma, and live to the full extent of their potentials in life despite the initial negative childhood experiences.
Our passion is to save the destiny of vulnerable children who would have no hope except for this coordinated intervention. By bringing hope to their world, we can make our world a safe place to live in. Through a pilot plan called the Kuramo Intervention Project, the Trust has relocated at least 11 children from Kuramo and other inner city slums along the Atlantic Ocean and provides for the continuing care, education, shelter and guidance of these children.
The Destiny Trust works through a group of young professionals who share a passion to make a real difference in the lives of the growing number of homeless children who roam around their work environment. This group, comprising mostly young lawyers from a few law firms and in-house of corporate organizations, carries out the operational and managerial functions of the organization under the guidance of the Board of Trustees.
The Board of Trustees:

1. Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, S.A.N

2. Mrs. Mabel Irukera

3. Mrs. Ngozi Ken Udochukwu
The Kuramo Intervention Project

The Kuramo Intervention Project is targeted at rescuing homeless children from the various slums along the Lagos coastline. Although a fun hide-out, the relatively subdued story about some of the beach resorts on the Atlantic is that they are also haven to squatters, criminals, commercial sex workers and drug addicts. The Kuramo shoreline is an unpleasant metaphor for poverty and social inequity.
Scores of homeless children who have fled home or have become orphaned live on the beachfront begging, hawking, smoking, drinking, doing illicit drugs and some young girls are used for commercial sex work. They are also exposed to a dangerous living condition. In August 2012, an ocean surge swept off about 16 people, including some homeless children who live on the Kuramo shoreline.
These children are not asking for too much. They only want a bit of the basic necessities that will tip them in the right direction in life -a safe place to lay their heads at night, food, education and the opportunity to grow in an atmosphere of love, acceptance and guidance. With continuing exposure to the inhuman living condition and lifestyle on the street, these homeless children are losing their humanity and may well be the next disaster if they are not rescued.
The success of this intervention lies in the story of lives that have been transformed from the destitution of life. Through this initiative, the Trust is rehabilitating some of these children and has relocated at least 11 children from the Streets. The Trust provides food, clothing, education, health care, guidance, counseling, mentoring and other child protective services to the resettled children in various domestic settings
The Trust also organizes periodic Soup Kitchens at the Kuramo Beach and other settlements along the Atlantic. The Soup Kitchen provides an environment for close interaction with street children in order to understand their condition and how we can help.
The mid-term plan is to establish a multi-purpose instructional/recreational facility with focus on holistic human development including character, literacy, creativity and civic responsibility. Street children can go through rehabilitation, integrate into the society, rediscover their role as citizens, explore their creativity and contribute to the task of nation building.
Our Approach:

The Destiny Trust works through various schemes which include:

Emergency Shelter

We provide emergency shelter or temporary accommodation to identified street children and meet their immediate needs such as food, clothing and medical care. Our dedicated team gains the confidence of the children, and understands their circumstance in life through appropriate counseling approaches.
We investigate the circumstance that rendered them homeless and depending on the outcomes, we assist children to trace their family, and reunite with their families. We also carry out necessary follow-up and provide appropriate child protective services within the setting of their biological family.
Foster Care

We believe that every child deserves a home. Our desire is that every child grows up healthy and strong within the biological family. However, where efforts to reunite a child with his/her family are unsuccessful or where the child is orphaned or the home cannot offer an environment for the child to grow and live a responsible and successful life, providing a foster home becomes the last resort. Starting from April 2013, the Trust will establish a foster home to address some of these cases already encountered during the initial phase of the project. The foster home is critical to the sustainability of the rehabilitation process and the entire programme.
At the Foster Home, The Destiny Trust will work consistently for the total development of every member of the family. The focus transcends the provision of the mundane needs for basic existence. Ultimately, our desire is to help each member of the family to identify his/her strength and potentials, and define within that self-concept, his role as a member of the society. We intend to bring up every member of the family in the fear of God and also to transform the hitherto traumatizing childhood experience into a creative spark, curiosity and zeal for social change. This is how we evolve a generation of future leaders and exemplary citizens in Nigeria.

Family Support

The Family Support initiative targets addressing the specific challenges of the identified children’s families in cases where children have run away from home due to some forms of pressure and family imbalances. We adopt creative approaches depending on the peculiarities of each. For example, where the problem is poverty or inability of the parents to adequately provide for the needs of the children, we seek means of financial empowerment to ensure the child development within the biological family

 Get Involved!

We seek to partner with individuals and corporate organizations who share our passion to make a real difference in the lives of homeless children to assist in various aspects of the project. Generally, individuals are encouraged to sign in as financial partners, care giver, teacher, or child sponsor/mentor. The Trust graciously accepts gifts of food items, clothing, books, and home appliances.
For corporate organizations, we appreciate an opportunity to leverage on the corporate social responsibility programme through partnership and endorsement of this cause. Our Project Team will be greatly delighted to meet you to discuss the details of this corporate partnership and share your insightful ideas on how to increase the charity’s capacity to bring hope to more street children.

Account details: The Destiny Trust Children Foundation, GT Bank Plc. Acc. No: 0124940702

Correspondence: No. 4A Ademola Street, SW Ikoyi, Lagos, Phone No: +2348034651702, +2348055163786, +2348095825538,



  1. Ibilola, it's good to know the good work the team is doing. It's sad that we are lost to the routine of work life. I'm challenged to know that young professionals like me still create time to make difference in the lives of others. I must get involved.

  2. well meaning Nigerians who have the means should kindly support this vision. May God bless the destiny trust team.

  3. Indifference is the biggest attitude most common to Nigerians; "as long as its not my child".....etc. Thumbs up to The Destiny Team. God will make avaliable all that is required to nuture these ones unto righteousness. bigger you i pray. dont ever stop investing in the next generation. your role in leaving a clear set of footprints in the sand will not be futile in Jesus name.