Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Brad Pitt's furniture. Rate Good or Bad or who cares?

Ever since he hooked up with Miss Jolie, I have had this disturbing hate for him (yes I am a loyalist). But seems his boredom led him to create furniture with Frank Pollaro in 2012. I have my thoughts on his furniture. What are yours?

Downwards spiral ... 24-carat gold side table. Photograph: Pollaro Custom Furniture
Twisted ... dining table supported by a single squiggling line of timber. Photograph: Ellen McDermott/AD
Pitt stop … a fusion of doodles and deco. Photograph: Ellen McDermott
Making a splash ... marble bathtub for two. Image: Pollaro Custom Furniture

Rate the furniture!

As an aside, there is a silent competition going on. It is silent because only I know the parameters for judging. Look out for the winner on the 1st of May, 2013. (Then the parameters will be revealed|) hehe


  1. The side table I love, the dinning table no for me, the bed not bad and the tub me indifferent.