Friday, 8 March 2013

Blast from the past-The perm that got me a whooping

I have a wonderful dad. Truly wonderful.
I give this background so I can tell a little story.
When I was 8yrs old, I went to spend some days before christmas with my grandmother so I could be back home for christmas.
My grandmother loved me unconditionally and she showed it because there was nothing she wouldn't do for me. So I 'psyched' her (yea, I have been a psycher from the womb) to take me to the hair dressing salon to get a perm. I begged her with teary eyes, snifling and telling how I wanted a perm for christmas and wanted little curls like 'jerry curls' in them. (of course, I conveniently forgot to tell her that my dad had said I could not get a perm till I left secondary school)
She obliged me and got me my beautiful perm that I stood in the mirror, admiring for hours.
 I returned home early from my gran's on the 24th of December, ready to get my christmas on. I was eager to show all the other girls that I had gotten my perm too. (My little mind however didnt process the what if's) ( I reasoned that my daddy would see my beauty and forget that he gave me instructions earlier on the perm issue, I mean, I was cute na)
                                                                    Padre (Much Older & nicer)
My dad came in a little while later and saw my perm and in his typical fashion (he went in without saying a word). He came back out to the living room and asked me to choose between pouring water on my perm or giving me a whooping.

My little mind thought really quickly and asked him to give me a whooping. Because if I got the whooping at least my perm would be intact for Christmas day (or so I rationalized).
Somehow it seemed that my answer incensed my dad who immediately took me to the kitchen sink and poured water on my perm and gave me a whooping that I did not forget.
I daresay I did not get a perm till my first year in the university!
Lesson I learnt, I must be a parent to my children.
Have a wonderful weekend y'all and be good.