Friday, 1 March 2013

Blast from the past - ***if you like then you should have put a ring on it***-


A call came in when he and i were on the way to see a movie. It turned out to be a 'toaster'who had refused to give up on me despite the fact that i told him repeatedly that i was in a serious relationship. (Guess that has lost its meaning to men).  He was of the view that I was not married so I was fair game.

 I told him i was in a vehicle with my boyfriend and had to go. (I guess that signaled guilty behaivour to my boyfriend/ he he he).

And as soon as i finished on the phone, my boyfriend began to give me grief about another guy calling me. Bewildered and secretly amused, i just turned on Beyonce's track 'Single Ladies' and mimed 'if you like it then you should have put a ring on it' 'dont be mad when you see that he wants it'.

 He smiled at me calmly and turned up the track to 'Disappear'.

We looked at each other and laughed till our intestines hurt. I guess he didn't want to be bested.

And I daresay he did put a ring on it year later.

Have a fabulous weekend y'all and thank you so much for reading my congested words.


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