Wednesday, 27 February 2013

You didn't know my pain

Am I barren? That is what she thought after the first three years of marriage passed and she had not taken in.

As she flashbacked to her wedding day in March 2005. She remembered how she walked down that aisle in her white dress and looked lovingly at the man who would soon call husband and the dreams they had for their life together. This issue of not getting pregnant was one she never thought about.

Then she took medical steps to ensure that all was well. She visited the doctors and a gyneacologist. And they all had some story and position about the delay.

At this point her faith wavered. She realized there was a problem. She prayed so hard, she fasted, she sought counsel but it didn't amount to anything. She was afraid she may lose the heart of her husband, she was concerned that her body may fail in bringing a precious baby to this world.

Then they advised.

Do an IVF. Take a chance. You won't know if you don't try.

And she did. She went through the painful process of an IVF, she crossed her fingers and hoped she would take in. She did not.

Then against all odds she did another IVF and another one. And the three times, it wasn't successful.

They violated her body with needles in the name of injections. She swallowed tablets like she was eating popcorn. She put on excessive weight, she suffered hormonal imbalance, facial hair. Ibilola she said, it was like i was in hell.

Then the reports came, she had high blood pressure and her sugar level was high.

She was tired, she was sad. It didn't look like she would ever have a child of her own. Time had flown by and her marriage was seven (7) years old and there was no child to show. In her words- the years were horrible. She was emotionally, psychologically, financially and mentally drained. The drain almost paralyzed her.

Then her brother got married in June 2012, she was so busy organizing that she felt her recent fatigue was as a result of it.

As it turned out, it wasn't.

My beautiful friend was pregnant.

After seven long years, after 3 failed IVF's. She took in naturally.

And even though the pregnancy was stressful, she delivered a beautiful baby girl on the 21st of February, 2013.

Writing this post makes me want to burst into songs of Alleluia.

I say Praise God, I say congratulations my darling Fazuan. She will bring you joy, she will bring you more peace.

Always remember...everyone has what they are struggling don't know the pain of your neighbour...Be kind...Just because.

Facts; (IVF's cost a little over a million naira). Every 2 out of 10 women are barren.


  1. . . . and God did it like only He can! I rejoice with Fazuan. I bless God for how he came through for her. Beautiful testimony! Her beautiful baby girl and I would have shared the same birthday had she been born just a day earlier (February 20th). February is the only month that stands out (and always will). We February babies are truly special and beautifully unique. There's just something great about us :-) Please, no hard feelings, ya'll non-February people ;-)

    God Himself will raise and protect the child. She will grow in good health, knowledge and wisdom of God. She will indeed be great and she will fulfill her wonderful destiny. So shall it be for her and her siblings that will come after her, in Jesus' name. Congratulations Fazuan!

  2. Pls, tell them 'bout february babies o...we're so special, graceful, gifted n comforting. We definitely stand out n d lil princess just missed being my bday mate (feb 18th). Awwwww! Congrats Fazuan! God is with u and He truly makes all things beautiful in His time! U should add "Idongesit" (comfort- God has comforted u) to d many beautiful names she'll be called. All d best n congrats on as many more kids as u want!

  3. Lesson 2 be learnt: never give up on God, he doesn't disappoint!