Thursday, 28 February 2013

Is Esther of Kish still alive???

Yes. She is Olanike Okeowo. Some may know her as Olanike Ogunsanya. She is Esther of Kish.

I met Nike in JSS 1 in Olashore International School in far away Iloko-Ijesha, Osun State. She was the small lady with  the low cut and a wide smile. And one of my random memories was the fact that she was in Red house. lol (imagine the things i remember)

Our school routinely appraised students and usually announced the top 10 best students in the school every half term and end of term at the School Hall. Olanike was a regular member of that elite team. It appeared to everyone that her mind processed information faster than some of us including me. (docking my head)

She was brainy, smart, beautiful and definitely never got into trouble. She was the perfect student.

Fastforward several years.

The girl I knew as one of the 'brainest' people had transformed into a beautiful woman. She represented the woman I hoped to be. But despite the fact that she lived in one of the choicest areas of Ikoyi, had a lovely husband, two beautiful girls, Olanike was not done. And at that point she took up a craft and like Esther from the Bible who said 'if i perish, i perish', she plunged into her craft.

At this point, I wondered how this brainy lady could give up a career, beacuse it did not take a seer to see she was cut out to work with NASA or be a neurologist. She was that brainy, believe me!

A look at her hand crafted jewellry changed all my lofty dreams for her because she showed that the God of creation lived inside of her.This lady had employed her mathematical 'brainyness' into crafting jewellry! (Who does that?)

I was impressed ( and i don't get impressed easily).

I write this day to celebrate a woman who chose family over career. She charted waters unknown by applying her mind and focus. And even though she was comfortable in every way the world could imagine. She found a job that accommodated her passion and her family. She pressed to make a difference in the world.

Today she adorns brides, socialites and ordinary gals like me. Yea. Lemme boast a little. The Nigerian Glam squad recently wore her pieces.

Take a moment with me to appreciate this woman.

She is indeed Esther of Kish.

(Esther of Kish is handcrafted jewellry by Olanike Okeowo. |Every piece is made by her. Every piece is a product of her love)

What is your excuse?