Monday, 25 February 2013

I mutter under my breath 'Lagos is not working" ssshhhhhh

I sit in my office in the 9th floor of one of the buildings in the central business district in Victoria Island and for some reason, my eyes veer towards the secondary school called Kings College. As if seeing with the same conduit pipe, my colleague states 'if the Lagos State Government owned the property of Kings College it would have sold it to private companies by now'

I laughed because well its the natural thing to do but it got me thinking, just how many public schools are there in Lagos state? We hear so much about how the government of the day is working! I daresay they are working on building roads which is in conjunction with private companies. The new order of the day- The Public Private Partnership.

This government has been meticulous with collecting tax, from the Land Use charge to Tenement Rates to VAT to the numerous hidden taxes we pay everyday. In this we can boast like Paul, our Government is working!

Fact; between Victoria Island and Ajah axis of Lagos state, there is just one public school. Why has the government not built more schools, employed educated teachers and not half baked teachers who are breeding half baked students.

Yet the state government is working! How are you working when the intelligence and education prowress of the next generation is like a castle laid on sand.

You collect toll fees, you ban okada 'motorcycles' on the roads, you refuse to build roads, electricity is still a big problem, you charge us for everything. We cannot pay rents without borrowing, we cannot buy vehicles without mortgage, we cannot leave the life we wish because well you need all the money for important things such as; moneyto pay for the hanger that houses your private jets, you need it to spray 'those people' when you attend events, you need it to strategise how you will own the whole of the western region of Nigeria, you need it to throw lavish birthday parties, you need it to send your children to the best schools abroad while the educational system rots here.

Then after the university education, you want these two sets of people to compete for the same jobs. I cry for you. Because you cannot take this wealth you are acquiring with you when you die.

I can only mutter under my breath that 'Lagos is not working". I do not want your paid private force which you call the police force to shoot me in the head for airing my opinion.

And No!, i am no coward, i just want to see my grandchildren

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