Monday, 25 February 2013

George Essien's Voice; Killing me softly!

I heard he had a good voice, i heard he had a style...modifying the words of the song made popular by Lauryn Hill describes the man of my heart. They call him George Iniabasi Essien.

My husband has one of the sexiest voices in the universe and many people suppose that i was drawn to him and his on air personality. But here is the truth, naaaaaaaaa!

In actual fact, when we met i had no idea who he was, i never listened to sports radio because well there is no love lost between excercise and me. I say this with all sense of shame.

Back to my story, we met on facebook. Yep. Mark Zuckerberg, take that! We had a mutual friend who decided to chat me up on a certain day i was bored. And i had this picture on my profile (a picture my husband says was calculated to deceive young men, funny! looks like it succeeeded in deceiving him, he he he) of a young and innocent lady.

So we met. And then. We married.

But my rant today is not about how we met but about how his voice is amahzing. You may say i am biased but you wont understand till you hear it.

Baritone smooth, delivery suave, knowlege smart are some of the ways he holds it down on air. I am sure very few people can compete with him yet. He is shy and would never describe himself this way but guess what I am his wife and this is what wives do.

Well its through my eyes. And i have got piercing eyes.

If you dont believe me...find out!!!

IA out!


  1. I'm blushing! Truth is your voice also kills me softly. Lovely piece, thanks luv.

  2. Yeah, he is ur husband but a bit of bias is allowed sha.
    Nice piece though, me likey

  3. You know he got me tripping from the first day i set my eyes on him and heard him speak, till the day you both said I do....

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