Wednesday, 27 February 2013

First date patter with George Essien; Psyches Major

I was nervous,I had become phone buddies with the man with the sexiest voice on the planet. And even though I know my voice was equal to the task, i knew i still had to represent on our first date.

It was a friday in January. We had mutually decided to meet at one of those restaurants in Victoria Island and had fixed 1pm for our first date.

By noon, i tried to round up work on my desk so i could run out to meet my new 'beau'. Unfortunately, the big bad wolf, my boss 'Ikem' held me back and asked me to do something on Share transfer for a client. If only he knew the dagger i'd rather transfer to his heart that day.

I was bummed because i needed to go for my first date.

At our rescheduld time, i hand straightened my one nation black pinafore, a shirt and carried my patent black Mulberry bag to complete my ensemble confident that my appearance would leave him weak in the knees. (Little did i know, it didnt!) he he he

I appeared at 5;30 for a meeting that was supposed to be for 5:00 and no, i wasn't trying to make him sweat. I was just trying to make him sweat **wink wink**. When he rose to greet me, I immediately noticed he was wearing a stripped shirt and a pair of good looking jeans and his famous 'Gucci' shoes. i sighed in relief, (thank God the dude knows something about fashion)

He looked nice and nothing like the 'houseboy' image I had of Calabar boys. He in turn told me i looked like a girl he liked when he was younger. We psyched ourselves a bit as per first date and ordered food.

I watched him eat and noticed he had incredible table manners. Me, I was cautious like hell. I mean don't get me wrong, I wasn't trying to impress him oh, i was just trying not to embarass myself. (Yea, I am something of a tomboy)

He talked about how he wanted to be a lawyer and i talked about how i wanted to be a broadcaster. It was like I said earlier 'psyches major'.

We talked about some dreams, shared some experiences but I wasn't sure we would go on a second date. He talked nice, looked nice and there was an abundance of attraction but i wasn't sure if he would ask me out again.

Then the phone call came in, Ikem was calling. A client needed some document in my possession.. I became agitated. I needed to run.

He remained calm and just organized how i would get out of the restaurant to my office in good time. That sealed the deal for me. He took charge.

Need I say, we had a few more dates that led to an eternal joining at the hips.

Which is why when he and I look back, we laugh at how we psyched each other on our first date and thank God that we are now comfortable with each other and tell the truth as it is.

But sometimes, i wish we could go on a first date again. The new feelings, the new attraction, the first date patter.

It is just through my eyes, he may have a different version.

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