Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Fat, Fierce and Fabulous

 The world tells us 'biggness' is a disease. We take it, we hide it when we go to the market and they call us 'orobo'. We think there is something seriously wrong with us.

Most of my life i have been big. In secondary school, i was bigger than most kids, and you know how that goes, the jeering, the mocking. Infact, early in secondary school, two particular boys used to mock me about my weight and bow legs. And i would just cry and cry and cry.

By the time i was leaving secondary school, i was so conscious of my body that i never wore skirts that didnt reach my ankle or jacket that didnt effectively cover the upper part of my body... until i got into the university.

I got the privilege to do my first year as a law student in Lasu (a place where i have made the best friends i have till date; Bolanle square, Yemisi Agweye, Oyinkan Oluboyede) and there i met a group of people who just loved on me. I mean loved on me. Feeling that confidence from all that love resulted in me getting rid of my long skirts and wearing shorter skirts, going around without the jacket et al.

Soon i took it to the new level, i started understanding my body, started observing what looked good for my frame. I never tolerated anyone who wanted to talk thrash about my body. Infact if they tried, they would get a retort that would leave them spineless for a month. (thats how good i was)

And after the university, i blossomed, i became fashion conscious. I wore heels, wore neckpieces and for me i developed a mantra to show chubby, fat ladies everywhere that we may not be stick thin like them Agbani, Kate Moss, but we know how to rock clothes, attitude and confidence.

I am confident now, i hardly think of my stature until i am reminded by Uncle that i need to exercise. I discovered something important then-Men are attracted to confidence.

To my truckload of chubby lady friends- Aisha Pereira, Atibi Dan-Jumbo, Ijeoma Mouka, Oyinkan( u thought i forgot u, impossible)Oluboyede, Theresa Onwordi, Fazuan Bai and so many others i forget at this time, Remember you are beautiful, smart amazing women and i raise the plastic cup of water currently on my table to you and i say remain chubby, beautiful, fierce and fabulous.

NB: I am running to exercise before my husband reads this oh, i suggest you do the same. Just for health purposes. he he he he.


  1. Truckload very funny...i prefer the word panda it sounds sexy to me....