Monday, 25 February 2013

Are you crazy???

I sat at the edge of a public bus held up in the ritual evening traffic...and there he was with the faded hoodie, desperately trying to sell me some chewing gum. A heavy duty vehicle almost struck him down because he wanted to sell his merchandise worth a little over a dollar. And all i could scream in fear was 'Are you crazy?'

Of course i could shout that and look down on him because i am considered better off. But as if that wasn't a brush near death, my guy continued to pester me to buy his gum.

What he is Nigerian.

The power of persistence, the power to succeed against all odds. He is a reflection of the thousands of many Nigerians who push against death, against strife, against an insensitive government and against self to reach the top

He is like many of us...Nigerian & Proud.

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